Help, Customer Support, and Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Customer Care?

Phone Number: (505) 898-4400

Mailing Address:
6721 Academy Rd. NE
Suite D
Albuquerque, NM 87109

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm Mountain Time

Do You Record The Live Video Conferences?
If you are enrolled in a program or membership that offers live video-conferences with Deb, the call recording will be available in your account within 24 hours of the scheduled live call. To access the recordings, go to My Account and locate the category in which you are enrolled (Membership or Premier Leadership Program).


How do I download the call recordings to a mobile device?

If you would like to listen to Deb’s audio recordings on a phone or tablet, you have 2 options:

  1. Stream: You can stream the calls directly from the website using the provided SoundCloud audio player.
  2. Download (Leadership Programs ONLY): From your desktop or laptop, you can download the recordings off of the Resource Page, then add them to your main music or audio library. The next time you sync your device with your library, the recordings should automatically transfer to your phone or tablet. (Please note: the software and methods to transfer and sync will vary among devices. Please refer to your specific device’s help documentation or support resources for further assistance).

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WATCH: Mac OS X Only! How to sync your downloads to your Apple Device

WATCH: Windows Only! How to sync your downloads to your Apple device

How do I change my password?
Please click here to update your password.


Can I cancel/upgrade/downgrade my membership?
You can cancel your subscription at any time. You must cancel 3 business days prior to your renewal date to avoid any being billed for the upcoming month.
Once you cancel, you lose ACTIVE status. Should you choose to come back into Membership at a later date, you will be considered a new member and pay the current price for Membership.
The same applies if you upgrade or downgrade. If you wish to return to your current level at any time, you will return as a new member in that level at the current price.


To make any changes to your account, please contact our office: (505) 898-4400

Please see membership full terms and conditions

What is your full refund policy?
Full refunds are allowed for new subscriptions activations only, if requested within 7 days of initial subscription purchase date.


Annual memberships are paid in full, in advance, and there are no refunds, except when requested within 7 days of initial subscription purchase date.

Monthly (billed month-to-month) members may cancel at least 3 business days prior to the next bill date to ensure the account will not be billed for the coming month. There are no partial refunds for any changes made to your account between billing due dates.
*See Full Membership Terms and Conditions