ICAN Coach

 Leadership Program

It’s all here – the coaching and training needed to thrive in your business.

ICAN Coach
  Leadership Program

It’s all here – the coaching and training needed to thrive in your business.

Coach your team           Create momentum          Accelerate results

Coach your team        Create momentum     Accelerate results

Transform your business results with our revolutionary approach to coaching your team to success. Designed specifically for the female mindset, ICAN Coach will get your team unstuck and into action – fast.

Transform your business results with our revolutionary approach to coaching your team to success. Designed specifically for the female mindset, ICAN Coach will get your team unstuck and into action – fast.

ICAN Coach is an intensive 6-month program designed for leaders looking to take their teams to the top levels of their organization.  Using unique tools, innovative strategies, and intuitive methods designed specifically to resonate with the female mindset, you’ll discover how to deliver coaching that will quickly move the women on your team into productive action.

In ICAN Coach, you’ll learn to use your natural abilities to confidently deliver direct, purposeful coaching with compassion and understanding while rapidly creating the business outcomes you’ve been longing for.  You’ll work closely with Deb to learn solution-based coaching tools designed to get your team moving, accelerate your sales and recruiting growth, and achieve your next rank advancement.

While your focus will be coaching your team to greater and greater heights, you’ll also discover ways to recognize and coach yourself past anything, large or small, that may be holding back your own progress. You’ll be thrilled with the changes you see in your team, yourself, and your business.

“Every new ICAN Coach class held an a-ha moment for me. My team sales have doubled from where they were a year ago, and it’s in huge part due to the skills I’ve learned in Deb’s program. She truly speaks to the unique needs of a female entrepreneur.”

Ky Lauren

Culver City, CA

“Almost immediately after starting the ICAN Coach program, my team had an amazing 42% increase. The clarity and vision Deb gave me in how I work with others is immeasurable! I can’t believe the changes in me and my business.”

Patsy Burdine

Baton Rouge, LA

In ICAN Coach you will:


Master coaching strategies designed specifically for women and finally create the team results you’ve been looking for


End the exhaustion that comes with dragging, pushing, and bribing your team members to take action


Ease your frustration by gaining powerful tools that help women recognize self-sabotage behaviors, get unstuck, and get down to business


Learn Power Questions to quickly uncover fears, past programming, and beliefs that hold your team members back from stepping into their true power


Help the women on your team become self-aware, self-reliant, and able to work confidently and independently of you


Master proven neuro tools to help your team empower themselves into bold, confident selling and recruiting action


Learn awareness techniques that help people identify patterns of behavior that are hindering their business growth


Discover why the mind creates limits, fears, and emotional blocks and how to overwrite these with confidence, power and passion


Gain simple self-coaching techniques that help YOU move past anything that may be holding you back and stalling your growth

“What I have learned from ICAN Coach has substantially improved the way I work with my team. I have had countless “breakthrough” conversations where my team members have gained new awareness. I’ve been able to give them tools to shift their thinking- fast, resulting in extraordinary outcomes in their businesses!”

Terri Beckstead

Woodbury, MN

“ICAN Coach has made me a more confident, driven leader. I have renewed faith in myself as a coach and have strengthened my focus, allowing me to help 25 new women launch their business in just 6 short months.”

Toya Drew

Cypress, TX

Upcoming Class:

ICAN Coach 3rd Quarter 2017
Orientation: August 30 at 9:00am PST / 12:00am EST
Classes Start: September 13 at 8:30am Pacific Time / 11:30am Eastern Time
All live classes are held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month.


Week Title Date
Pre-Course Introduction and Orientation August 30
Lesson 1 Assessing Your Team With the 80/20 Rule and Mastering the Check-in Call September 13
Lesson 2 Using the Discovery Process and the Mini Dive Coaching Call September 27
Lesson 3 Demonstration of the Laser Call, Mini Dive and Success Center Tools October 4
Lesson 4 Mastering Power Questions to Create Personal “aha” Moments October 18
Lesson 5 Helping Move Women Past Fear and Into Action November 1
Lesson 6 Getting your Team Unstuck and Into Momentum November 15
Lesson 7 Helping your Team Break out of Their Comfort Zone December 6
Lesson 8 Breaking Free from Negative Influences of the Past December 20
Lesson 9 Tools to Create Awareness and Choice Points for New Behavior January 3
Lesson 10 Learning to Create a New Wealth/Health/Success Mental Blueprint January 17
Lesson 11 Deep Dive Coaching Strategies and Processes February 7
Lesson 12 Long-term Strategies to Transform your Team and Create Lasting Momentum February 21


ICAN Coach 2018 Start Dates:

Orientation: January 9, 2018 — time TBA
Classes Start: February 6, 2018 — time TBA

Orientation: March 28, 2018 — time TBA
Classes Start: April 25, 2018 — time TBA


Watch the ICAN Coach Orientation Class


ICAN Coach - 6 month program

Monthly Payment Plan Available
  • 12 LIVE 90-minute video-conference classes (2 per month):
  • All live classes are recorded and posted for playback within 24 hours to fit your busy schedule.
  • ICAN Coach Resource Manual:
  • Packed with neuroscience training, step-by-step coaching strategies, and tools to use with your team.
  • 6 Months of Complimentary PLATINUM Membership:
  • Includes:
  • 4 Live Monday Membership Coaching Sessions per month (one exclusively for leaders)
  • Unlimited Success Center access for your entire team
  • Entrance into the private ICAN Coach Facebook group
  • Entrance into the private ICAN Community Facebook group

Deb Erickson is a Business Mindset Coach serving women in sales and network marketing. Deb’s revolutionary approach is designed to create business success from the inside out: merging inner neuro tools with outer skill-based business training, liberating women from mental ruts, emotional fears and personal limitations resulting in unprecedented growth. Read More…