Step inside our Premier Leadership Programs and accelerate your business growth by becoming an influential leader and coach.

Step inside our Premier Leadership Programs and accelerate your business growth by becoming an influential leader and coach.

Build an inspired and high-performance organization where you lead women into productive action and unprecedented success.

Revolutionize your business by thinking like a CEO and leading your team with sound strategies and a clear vision.

Build an inspired and high-performance organization where you lead women into productive action and unprecedented success.

Revolutionize your business by thinking like a CEO and leading your team with sound strategies and a clear vision.

ICAN Coach: Grow an inspired & high-performance team

ICAN-Coach4Designed for women looking to lead their teams to the top levels of their organization, ICAN Coach is at the heart of our Premier Leadership Programs.

If you’re experiencing frustration in coaching your team and disappointed in the results you’re currently getting, it may be because you, like so many women in this industry, are using coaching techniques that are not a match for the female mind.

In this 6 month program, you’ll learn how to use your natural intuition to confidently deliver coaching with compassion and understanding while quickly creating the business outcomes you’ve been longing for.

You’ll work closely with Deb in interactive sessions learning coaching tools designed to get your team moving and accelerate results in your sales and recruiting efforts. You’ll be thrilled with the changes you see in your team, yourself, and your business.


ICAN Coach you will:

  • Accelerate growth with Deb’s personalized coaching and hands-on support, pinpointing how your mindset, emotions, and past programming may be impacting your business.
  • Learn self-coaching techniques to move you beyond your own mental “blocks” and into the inspired action it takes to lead your team.
  • Become a master coach using Deb’s proven Intuitive Coaching System designed to work in harmony with the female mind. Quickly shift your team members out of resistance and into the right action.
  • Gain confidence in your ability to ask the right questions, dig deep, and know exactly what to say so you can stop dragging, pushing and pulling your team members towards important goals.
  • Watch your team thrive as you find a new passion and excitement for your business and get back to doing what you love.

“Wow, in just 6 short months in ICAN Coach, my business experienced a 500% increase over the previous year. I had the opportunity to really see the real me, learned to love myself more, and became better equipped to mentor and coach my team. Not only has this program had a positive outcome in my business but I am also a better mother and a better me.”

Debbee Jeter

Princeton, NJ

Upcoming Class:

ICAN Coach 2nd Quarter 2017
Orientation: May 9 at 8:30am Pacific Time / 11:30am Eastern Time
Classes Start: June 6 at 8:30am Pacific Time / 11:30am Eastern Time
All live classes are held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month.

ICAN Coach - 6 Month Program

Monthly Payment Plan Available
  • 12 LIVE 90-minute video-conference coaching classes (2 each month)
  • ICAN Coach resource manual
  • Personal on-boarding call with our Member Support staff
  • Platinum Membership Included Learn More About Membership Benefits Platinum-Badge2
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“ICAN Coach has made me a more confident, driven leader. I have renewed faith in myself as a coach and have strengthened my focus, allowing me to help 25 new women launch their business in just 6 short months.”

Toya Drew

Cypress, TX

“The understanding and techniques I have learned from Deb through ICAN Coach have substantially improved the way I work with my consultants and directors. I have had countless “breakthrough” conversations where my team members have gained new awareness. I’ve been able to give them tools to shift their thinking- fast, resulting in extraordinary outcomes in their businesses!”

Terri Beckstead

Woodbury, MN

“Almost immediately after starting the ICAN Coach program, my team had an amazing 42% increase. The clarity and vision Deb gave me in how I work with others is immeasurable! I can’t believe the changes in me and my business.”

Patsy Burdine

Baton Rouge, LA

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Elite Leader Shares her Success Story

Soundcloud-Julie-DebDeb interviews an elite leader in Mary Kay – Julie Danskin. They discuss how Julie increased her production, broke through her business blocks and became a more confident leader after joining Deb’s Leadership Programs.

ICAN Lead: Deb Erickson’s master class, designed for top performers ready to move into elite leadership

ICAN-Lead4ICAN Lead is a 9-month program designed to teach the approach of great leadership and how it applies to business.
I’ll give you the tools and training to think like a CEO of your own business and the guidance to implement your learnings directly into your business.

Uncover the limits on your growth and in your business. The things that have been holding you back from your full potential will be identified and released.You can take inventory of your current assets and learn to leverage the areas of your business where you are experiencing success.

Also, you’ll create a strategic plan that utilizes your strengths and revolutionizes your business.

ICAN Lead will help you:

  • Attract more high-end customers, clients, and consultants
  • Magnetize and recruit your ideal business partners
  • Build successful marketing systems to attract, develop and keep more leaders
  • Lower your attrition rate while building women faster
  • Maximize your income while maintaining work/life balance
  • Master your skills as a speaker, teacher, coach, mentor and most importantly a leader
  • Develop influential leaders that can and will duplicate your skill, dedication, and vision
  • Build an unstoppable team with quantum momentum

“Even though I have hit the million dollar sales mark multiple times in my career, I still felt unfocused and insecure of who I was and where I fit into my organization. All that has changed since joining ICAN Lead. Now, I can say without a doubt that I know exactly who I am and what I want. I have experienced a complete shift in my focus and the results are mind blowing. I am finally attracting the exact women I have been looking for my entire career.”

Stacy Foust

Gilbert, AZ

ICAN Lead - 9 Month Program

  • 18 LIVE 90-minute video-conference coaching classes (2 each month)
  • Live Monday morning check-in meetings to help you set your focus for the week
  • 2 LIVE Transformation Events where you get hands-on help from Deb and the rest of the class. It’s a mastermind support team for you and will focus on the leadership triple threats and intuitive coaching. (Travel and accommodations not included)
  • 2 private coaching sessions with Deb
  • Platinum Membership Included Learn More About Membership Benefits Platinum-Badge2
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“I think the greatest change in the last 6 months has been how I approach my business – as a leader.  I used to look to outside sources for ideas or to confirm what I was thinking. I have learned how to trust my own intuition. And I have a community of brilliant, non-judgmental woman around me – it helped me learn to take risks.  In summary, the program has helped me fall back in love with my business”

Christine DeGrammont

Lakevile, MN

“I have tried dozens of business coaches and mentors in the past 30 years and NO ONE has helped me discover and develop my leadership skills like Deb. Since joining ICAN Lead, I get better results with less effort and stress. I can’t believe how much easier my business is now that I understand how to work my business from the inside out. My last 5 Ideal Business Partners found ME. Now that is ease and flow.”

Jill Beckstedt

Land O' Lakes, FL

“As I think back on this past year and the decision I was wrestling with on whether or not I should be a part of your icanlead program, I am in infinte gratitude. Your program has been a complete game changer for me and I have experienced an absolute transformation. I am so EXTREMELY grateful for you and your willingness to play full out and say yes to who you were created to be. I remember our first coaching call about 2.5 years ago and how I didn’t even think I deserved to take up your time and “use up” a call I so desperately needed. Thank you so much for all you have done and continue to do to make sure you “free” the women of the world to live in our greatness!”

Kristin McMahon

Fort Collins, CO