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Tell the world about ICAN Institute products and every time you generate a referral that ends in a sale, you earn cash.

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Our average customer stays engaged for 2 to 4 years. This means you could easily receive long-term recurring revenue from one single sale!

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Promote our products and get compensated generously for doing so. Get up to 20% of each and every sale with prompt payouts on a monthly basis.

2 Ways to Earn:


Available From:
$29 - $129/month

Classes and Programs

Available From:
$189 - $2,199

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We love that our work can create abundance for others. Earning cash is as easy as referring those in your circles to purchase our products through a unique-to-you link you share in an e-mail, via social media, or your blog. They click and buy, you earn money. It’s really that easy!

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"I have spent thousands of dollars over the last 24 years trying to grow into the leader I wanted to be. Deb has been the “game changer” because her approach is contrary to the cookie cutter methods I have tried before. She taught me that the change I was looking for was an inside job FIRST. Now, I’m getting extraordinary results in my sales and recruiting from my entire unit."

Donica Sally

Midlothian, VA

"After working with Deb, I feel so much more confident, as does my team!  I have completely reinvented my recruiting identity and know just how to find the perfect business partner. I am excited to recruit and coach my team to higher and higher levels of success. Simply put, business is fun again!"

Sheryl Scott

Boise, ID

Leverage a Fast-Growing Market:
The Network Marketing and Direct Sales Industries

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