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Why and How Vision Boards Can Change Your Business and Your Life

When you were a kid, did you ever make collages of words and images that said something that was important to you – say a friendship collage for your BFF or one that had remembrances of summer camp or a meaningful trip to hang on your wall so you’d think about what a great time you had whenever you looked at it?

Did you know that creating such a collage is not just a childish pursuit, but instead is a very effective way of stimulating your brain to actualize real dreams and goals through creative visualization?

A vision board is an incredibly powerful tool that you can make to hone in on aspects of your life that you’d like to change in a positive direction. It’s a collage of images and words that speaks to what you want to have, do or be in your business and your life.

When you take the time to make and focus on your vision board, you are telling your brain you’re going to do something other than the reality you’re experiencing in the present moment.

To take it one step further, what you’re actually doing when you create a vision board is speaking to your subconscious mind. And in that space, your brain can’t tell the difference between what’s vividly imagined and what’s real.

In other words, when your subconscious grabs onto what you include on your vision board, it then holds that information as your reality.

And there is actually empirical evidence from a variety of studies that supports the idea that mental visualization translates into actual tangible results.

Making visions boards are now easier than ever before, thanks to the Internet. All you have to do is Google search images and words/expressions along whatever theme you want your vision board to reflect.

Here’s how I like to approach the creation of my visions boards:

To recap, I like to make my vision boards on 8 ½” x 11” sheets of paper so that I can put them together in a binder for easy review.

First, select the topic you want to focus on, be it business goals, health and wellness, relationships, etc.

Next, search for your images, print them out, cut them up, and glue them onto a piece of 8 ½” x 11” paper or if you are proficient with online collage tools like Canva or PicMonkey.

Once you create your vision board, print it out and add to your binder. But don’t stop there – save the image to the desktop of your computer, designate it as your screen saver on your smart phone and/or tablet, and even print out multiple images of your vision board to hang around your home.

Repeat for different themes, so that soon you’ll have a repertoire of imagery for your brain to focus upon.

The reason I say put your vision boards where you can see them multiple times daily is because to achieve mastery of a certain thought, you have to repeat it 10,000 times to achieve mastery.

As a practice, I like to pull out my vision board binder each morning when I’m in a receptive alpha state and flip through the pages. I’ll even speak aloud some of the words and phrases, as that repetition helps reinforce mental retention.

The idea is for you to feel inspired and palpably experience the connection – acting as if what you desire is already a reality.

If you can visualize it, you can experience it.

For more detail on how to create a vision board that works for you, please download this worksheet.

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