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How did 758 Women double their sales and 4x their recruiting numbers in 12 months?

It’s got to be a fluke, right? NOPE – these kinds of results are based on neuroscience and years of research. 

What does neuroscience have to do with YOUR Network Marketing Business?

Did you know that 97% of women say that their biggest obstacle in their business is mindset?

Using neuroscience, I’m helping women to overcome mindset challenges… and we’re seeing amazing results.

In this case study you’ll see…

Hi, I'm Deb Erickson,

Just like you, I joined a network marketing company to improve my life. I’ve since created ICAN Institute to offer women business mindset coaching that allows them to break free from the self-doubt and fear that holds them back from achieving top leadership levels in their companies. Today my classes and Coaching Memberships serve thousands of women in direct sales and network marketing companies in 36 countries around the world.

I’m excited to share this case study with you!

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Could ICAN Neuro Tools be the missing link in your success?

Read about our recent case study and discover how Network Marketing leaders and their teams are overcoming mindset blocks, and how it's impacting their businesses.

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