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Network Marketing Mindset Podcast Episode 31

EP31: A True Leader In Network Marketing: Staying a Step Ahead with Self-Development & Mindset with Tara Wilson

For many in Network Marketing, the allure of an almost limitless income is motivation enough. For others, however, it’s the freedom to live life on their own terms—and that was exactly what fueled Tara Wilson’s decision to give up the “American Dream” she was living to take a chance with Network Marketing. Determined to be home more with her children, she dove in head-first and developed an insatiable appetite for self-development. 13 years and over $220 million in gross sales in 16 different countries later, Tara has found the key to truly “having it all”—and now she’s on a mission to help other Direct Selling professionals do the same.

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EP30: Numbers Don’t Lie: Neuro Tools Are the Key to Your Success In Network Marketing

What would it mean to you if you could 10X your business? That’s a loaded question, I know. And for some women in Network Marketing, they’re simply trying to 2X their sales… or 3X their recruiting numbers. But what if I told you about a recent study we held—that gave builders and leaders in Network Marketing access to ICAN Neuro Tools—and yielded one woman exactly that: 10X her normal recruiting numbers?

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EP29: Be Hungry, Be Passionate, Be Grateful—And the Rest Will Fall Into Place

Like many women in Network Marketing, today’s guest on The Network Marketing Mindset Podcast for Women never imagined becoming a global leader at the top of her company—especially one that allowed for freedom and flexibility after years of hammering away 50+ hours a week in Human Resources. And yet, that’s exactly what Maria Williams found after she quit her HR position—as the only woman in a male-dominated manufacturing industry—for a new way of life. Little did Maria know she was exactly what I call “Ready, Willing, and Able” to jump into the role of a lifetime. Now she’s one of the top-performing consultants in her company, leading a team of women with honesty, compassion, and integrity… and you’ll quickly see why her people love her.

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EP27: Building an Authentic Brand For Your Network Marketing Business with Brooke Elder

Joining me today is someone I have a lot in common with. Previous experience as elementary school teachers? CHECK. Years of successful Network Marketing experience? CHECK. Adapting those lessons and tools to help other women? CHECK CHECK! Clearly, I quickly became a raving fan of Brooke Elder. As the CEO of Social Tenacity, this mom of four—who homeschools no less—pivoted into her own zone of genius after 11 successful years in Network Marketing to help other women soar to the top. Riding the wave of internet marketing and social media… before there was barely a wave to ride… Brooke realized the blueprint she had designed for her own team could help tens of thousands. So she did.

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Network Marketing Mindset Podcast Episode 26

EP26: Success After Failure: Utilizing Social Media For 6-Figure Income Streams With Jessica Higdon

While some women have a natural hesitation to join Network Marketing companies, at the young age of 21, today’s guest didn’t bat an eye before diving in with all the optimism in the world. And then she hated it. With zero sales in the first six months, Jessica Higdon assumed she was “too shy”, “too insecure”, and “too young” to be a success… Until she set her sights on a $300 dress she was determined to buy.

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