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The Day After the Election - Now What?

Coffee with Deb: Inspiring Tips for Women in Network Marketing

Sometimes there are moments when it feels like EVERYTHING is going to change.

So many of my friends and clients are texting me saying, “I don’t know how to handle this.”

Some think President Elect Donald Trump will be the best thing that ever happened to this country – others are convinced that he will be the destruction of our democracy.

So, what do I think? I think the same thing I thought yesterday. YOU and ONLY YOU have the power to create the life you want for you and your family.

Now is the time to manage your mindset and master your emotions because - just like yesterday - your business will not run itself. You must hold the highest vision for yourself, your family, your business and the world. Your internal story will inspire you into action or scare you under the covers. You get to decide which path to take.

If you are ready to live your greatest life, let’s decide together to be women of vision, passion and power and chose to make the next 4 years the greatest years of our lives – because WE choose to make it so.

Tell me your vision for your life in the comments below!


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