Every Thought Counts – How to Make Them Add Up to Sales Success

Every Thought Counts – How to Make Them Add Up to Sales Success

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We’ve all heard the expression, “thoughts become things”– which sounds light and airy-fairy – but did you know that’s based on real, concrete, neuroscience research?

If you’re reading this standing up, I’ll advise you to sit down, because the statistics for us women are staggering:

  • We think about 85,000 thoughts a day.
  • 80% of those thoughts (approximately 68,000) are the same thoughts we had yesterday – and the repeat day after day, as if on autopilot.
  • 85%, or approximately 58,000, of those repeating thoughts are negative.

You might wonder WHY and HOW this can be true – and what you can do about this because we saleswomen know that having the right mindset is crucial to sales success.

It’s simple: your brain is wired to protect and defend, so it’s always scanning for threats.

Fear is definitely a negative and sabotaging emotion!

Back to the numbers – because as saleswomen we all know how important numbers are – not only are 58,000 negative thoughts unacceptable, but so is half that... one quarter of that... and when you really think about it, even a single negative thought is one too many.

Each thought you have is creative by nature: a thought creates a picture.

That picture evokes an emotion.

And finally, that emotion propels you forward to an action or holds you back from an action. That action – or lack thereof – creates the results you experience in your business and beyond.

Let's look at how every thought counts as it applies to your network marketing career.

When you think about selling, what runs through your head?

Do you think, “My products are kind of pricey… my customer can’t afford it… what I’m selling might not work for her….. then I’ll feel bad… and I don’t want to be too pushy, either….”

What types of pictures go with these sad and sorry sentiments?

Those images are the emotions that lead to the action or no action that then follows.

If you aren’t getting the results you want in your production or the volume of sales you desire, it all comes back to the self-sabotage your mind is busy detonating with every single negative thought.

Similarly, let’s apply this to recruiting, which is also integral to your sales success.

When you think about recruiting someone, do you immediately jump to the objections? She probably doesn’t want to do it…. She doesn’t need to… she might not even like me asking.

Are you afraid that people are running away from you or avoiding you?

Maybe you’re sick of hearing people ask, “Is this a pyramid scheme?”

Now, what are the pictures related to these thoughts?

Images of being held back or even avoided are what spring to mind.

And the associated emotions?

Fear, doubt and anxiety.
In other words, the ultimate buzzkills when it comes to success.

So instead of taking the steps to recruit and sell – the staples of your business – the action becomes one of avoidance, not positive action.

What’s a frustrated sales professional to do?

First off, stop that negative thought right now! And be vigilant, because there are another 84,999 on its heels.

Secondly, take a conscious and decisive step to feed your mind better thoughts, which will lead to better pictures, better emotions, better actions and yes, better business results!

ETC-smallTo help you on this critical journey, I’ve created this free MP3 designed to transform your inner “self-talk” to move you away from fear and doubt and into unstoppable confidence for your sales success.

If every single thought counts in your sales success, then what’s one positive thing you can tell yourself right now? Share in the comments!

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