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3 Simple Practices Successful Women Use Daily for a Balanced Life

Coffee with Deb: Inspiring Tips for Women in Network Marketing

When I say the words “balanced life,” what’s your first reaction?

Do you picture a unicorn – beautiful to think about but ultimately elusive, unrealistic and imaginary?

Or do you simply feel a sense of longing, allow a sigh to escape or even stifle a laugh?

If so, let me reassure you that you’re not alone.

We women wear so many hats, as business people, wives, partners, mothers, caretakers, pet parents… the list goes on and on.

As a business coach who’s devoted her career to working with women in network marketing and sales, one of the most common refrains I hear is, “I have to do everything, and my life feels totally out of control.”

I get it – as an entrepreneur, your success rests squarely on your shoulders.

And in this industry it’s compounded by the fact that you’re responsible for not just yourself, but also for training and mentoring others in order to grow your business and hit your goals.

What tends to happen is we burn the candle at both ends, working so hard and giving so much that we forget to take even a minute for ourselves.

Now you know where the expression “burnout” comes from!

The good news is that regaining control over your life and reclaiming your energy, power and productivity only takes an hour or less total per day.

Here are 3 simple ways to achieve balance in your daily life by feeding your mind, heart and emotions:



For me, my backyard is my happy place. I have a fantastic view and a beautiful fountain – I love the sound of running water.

So pick yourself up from your desk, ignore the chores and head to your special place for a few minutes of peace, calm and relaxation.

Even a brief break will help create positive energy that releases stress and tension, opens up your heart, and fills you with anticipation and joy.

In other words, a quick pit stop is all it takes to refuel you for the rest of the day so you have the energy to carry on and get the results you desire.



At least once a day, even if it’s just for a few minutes, take action and do something you enjoy that whisks you away from the grind: take a yoga class, go for a walk or even just sit quietly and meditate.

If you think to yourself that you can’t afford to take that time for yourself, reverse that thought:

You can’t afford NOT to take that time for yourself.


The action of consciously taking deep breaths is not only a relatively quick fix, but it’s also the most critical.

Stress causes you to either breathe shallowly or even hold your breath completely. To the brain, the act of restricted breathing sends a clear message – you are facing a threat and it needs to respond.

This creates the “fight or flight response,” which initiates a whole spiral of negativity that shuts down rational thought, closes our hearts and pushes us deeper into burnout mode.

You can see how counterproductive giving into stress can be!

My advice, then, is to stop whatever you’re doing three times a day and breathe deeply.

This video shows you my favorite technique for deep breathing.

First, close your eyes and visualize a warm and loving sun.

BREATHE IN: Light, love abundance

BREATHE OUT: Release, relax, allow, let go.

When you’ve completed three rounds of these deep breaths, you’ll find that your stress level is reduced and you’re ready to go into the world and bring your unique genius to your business and home life.

By making a little bit of time each day for yourself, you’ll find that balance isn’t just a mythical beast – it’s part of your daily reality.

Where’s your happy place? What are your go-to activities for stress release? Share what makes you feel balanced in the comments.

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