Use the Twin Forces to Recruit Your Dream Team


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Did you know that there are twin forces at work that when harnessed correctly can bring you tremendous recruitment success?

And conversely, they just might be the reason you’ve hit a wall in building your dream team.

The twin forces are internal and external – and both are determined in large measure by your mindset, beliefs, and attitude.

Here’s how it works:


This is what you think, expect and feel, and the self-talk you generate based on those factors sets your internal blueprint. This messaging is crucial when it comes to creating the outcomes you desire.

This may sound airy, but it’s a neurological function of your Reticular Activating System (RAS), which is the part of your brain that filters information from your conscious mind – what you think, say, and do – to your unconscious mind, where your true intentions reside and are there to direct your actions to get your desired outcome.

So, for example, if you say, “I can’t find quality people to add to my team,” then that mechanism of the mind sifts through and settles on that idea to pass along to your unconscious mind to be sure that you don’t find quality people.

Notice that this of course isn’t what you truly want BUT it is what you’re focusing on as you think and say those words.

Conversely, if you focus on how you want to recruit high-quality, powerful, passionate women, then your RAS will send that message to your unconscious mind to hang on to and make sure that desire gets met.


The external force is the magnetic energy that exists in our world, attracting and repelling all day long. What you put out is what you get back – and we see examples of this all the time.

Have you ever been in a bad mood and all of a sudden, everything is going wrong?

Or have you noticed when you feel excited and powerful about something, other good news crops up seemingly out of nowhere?

In these examples, your mindset and emotion have everything to do with attracting the same energy.


When it comes to building your team and successful recruitment, how you set your intention, which literally means directing your mind to achieve a goal is crucial. You have to align your internal beliefs with your external energy; you become a powerful force that is bound to attract the exact women you want on your team.

The Law of Attraction is hard at work drawing you to each other, and at the same time your RAS is filtering out all of the women that don’t match the description you gave it.

If your mindset, on the other hand, is set to hopeless (i.e. “I can’t find her…. Nobody wants what I have to offer… everyone is poor and scared now,” etc.), then guess what? Your recruitment goals don’t have a remote chance at realization.

Now that you know about the twin forces that are at work, how will you shift your thinking to make sure they work for you, not against you?

Share what you think in the comments – and remember, thoughts become actions when you align the twin forces!

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Deb Erickson

Deb Erickson

Deb Erickson is a Master Neuro Trainer, creator of the ICAN Neuro System, and founder of The ICAN Institute, helping direct sales entrepreneurs break their mental and emotional limiters and shift into consistent action and growth. Besides studying the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience, and creating fresh new tools and content, Deb’s joys include being a mom to two precious fur babies, traveling to beautiful beaches around the world, and enjoying a well crafted latte on her back porch.


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