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Your Workspace: The Key to Keep You Focused and Inspired

Coffee with Deb: Inspiring Tips for Women in Network Marketing

What’s in your workspace?

Is it filled with distractions… or inspirations?

Technically, they’re one and the same, as your mind is almost constantly in wandering mode.

Let me explain: your brain is wired to be easily distracted. This goes back to when its main job in the wild was to scan for threats.

While constantly shifting focus was essential to survival in ancient times, in the present day it’s not very helpful when it comes to achieving your goals.

When you consider the statistics – you lose your focus every 8-10 seconds – you realize that over the course of a year, you are literally driven to distraction millions of times.

So how do you stop losing your focus?

Simply put, you can’t.

But what you can do is find a way to consistently bring your attention back to your goals, particularly in your office where you do much of the work it takes to ensure your business success.

And the best way to do this is to make sure your workspace is filled with constant reminders of your dreams, aspirations and goals.

For example, in my office, I have my vision board almost everywhere I look – on my desk, as my laptop screen saver, even on my phone home screen.

I also keep mementos, messages and other reminders of my goals all around my desk to help bring my focus back to what’s most important.

In fact, let me share with you what’s in my workspace to help inspire you:

What’s in your workspace? What items can you put there to excite your senses (see, hear, smell, etc.) that can help you bring your laser focus back to center? Let us know in the comments!

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