Escape The Ordinary

Leadership Retreat

Escape the Ordinary

Leadership Retreat

December 6 - 9, 2018

Imagine yourself in historic Santa Fe, New Mexico, surrounded by supportive, like-minded women, learning techniques and insights to elevate your coaching and leadership skills, all while renewing your spirit and recharging from your busy life...

Escape the Ordinary is an exclusive retreat where you'll spend three immersive days alongside top leaders from around the globe gaining new skills and the perspective to transform your business.

During three revitalizing days in beautiful Santa Fe, you'll be tapping into your intuitive wisdom, building deeper rapport and communication skills, and learning to identify and remove mental blocks within yourself and your team, as you reset and refocus your passion for the products you love and the business you've created.

Not just a workshop, Escape the Ordinary is an uplifting escape from your chaotic schedule and the demands of life and work. This is your opportunity to let go of what's holding you back, renew your confidence and restore your energy to achieve the business results you desire. This is THE event for direct sales and network marketing leaders who want to revolutionize their thinking and their businesses!

At the Escape the Ordinary Leadership Retreat you'll experience ...

Neuro Coaching

Learn to identify the mental blocks limiting your own or your team member’s growth

Core Strength Training

Transformational tools for your organization that will shift their confidence from the inside out

Detective Listening

How to detect the early warning signs that team members are slowing before they're stalled

Strategic Coaching

Understand the business skills that must be strengthened to guarantee success


Neuro Tool Selection

Choosing the most effective coaching tool to help team members overcome specific blocks or challenges and achieve vastly better results

Intuitive Coaching

Listen to your own inner guidance and follow your intuition through the discovery process

This transformational destination event is for network marketing and direct sales leaders who want to:


enjoy a refreshing escape and an opportunity to reset from the demands of leadership


transform your businesses and create massive shifts in your income


increase your connections with and effectiveness of your teams


embark on a journey of leadership growth, alongside supportive, like-minded women with the same challenges and goals


gain new coaching tools, powerful leadership strategies and a fresh perspective to give your businesses a much-needed boost

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Experience Personal Renewal and Powerful Business Growth in Enchanting Santa Fe!

At this 3-day retreat, you will:


Experience the power of your untapped intuitive wisdom to create amazing success


Create a “possibility” mindset that supports you in embracing abundance mentality


Discover, honor, and celebrate your own unique and personal success style


Gain a new perspective on ways to build trust more effectively and improve your coaching perspective


Develop new friendships and build a support system that will last a lifetime!

Deb showed me gave me the tools that helped me create
real change in my business.

My life and my business are
forever changed!

You’ll go home with new leadership skills and a true sense of renewal.

About Deb

Deb Erickson is a business mindset coach helping women in the sales and network marketing industry catapult their mindsets and businesses to new heights. Unlike any other business coaching, Deb’s revolutionary approach is designed to look at business success from the inside out. Using brain retraining techniques combined with practical skill-based business coaching, she helps entrepreneurial women maximize their natural gifts and talents, elevate their inner strength, and power up their confidence so they can experience unprecedented business growth. Her clients commonly refer to Deb’s live classes, Monthly Membership Coaching Sessions and leadership programs as “complete game-changers” for the immediate and lasting results they create in their businesses and in themselves.

Sanctuary in the Mountains

Join us in the "City Different", Santa Fe, New Mexico - with its legendary history, culture and art that is sure to inspire you. The city blends the grandeur of its unique architecture, world-class accommodations, and world-renowned shopping into a destination experience you will never forget.

La Fonda Historic Hotel on the Plaza

Photo Credit: Robert Reck

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