Escape the Ordinary - Leaders Retreat for Women in Network Marketing - ICAN Institute Inc.

December 3-5, 2020 in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Harness the Mindset & Skills to Go from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Escape the Ordinary Leaders’ Retreat is unlike any other network marketing event you’ve ever attended… in fact it’s unlike any other event EVER!

I talk a big game because I deliver big results. Using experienced coaching and my ICAN Neuro Tools designed specifically for the female brain, I’ve helped thousands of women in the Network Marketing and Direct Selling industry unlock their potential and move past the crippling mindset blocks that prevent growth and financial freedom.

And that’s what Escape the Ordinary is all about. No one else offers business mindset training and coaching specifically geared to women in network marketing and direct sales.

Space is limited!

Uplevel Your Recruiting

What’s the missing ingredient to recruiting top-level people? The answer is mindset. Deb will give you the tools to get you unstuck, recruiting leaders… and growing your team with confidence and ease.

Connect with Top-Level Leaders

Network with women from your industry who are eager to share their success secrets with you and support you in reaching your goals. The type of support that leads to lifelong friendships.

Discover Your Greatness

Uncover the core to YOUR greatness. Become the personal and professional success story that you deserve to become by shifting your core beliefs through female-focused Neuro Tools.

Get Your Fire Back!!

Get away from it all and focus on growing your mindset, your team and your business.

When you started as a woman in network marketing, there was a passion… a fire within you… and that’s what drove you… but life hasn’t cooperated. You’ve been overwhelmed by the demands of simultaneously running a business, a home, and a team… and underwhelmed by revenue or recruitment results. And to be honest – it’s stolen your fire.

Well, it’s time to recharge, regain control, and Get Your Fire Back!!

Recruiting Secrets

Learn how a simple shift in your thinking will have you sponsoring MORE top quality women to your team, faster.

Leadership Strategies

Get to the heart of mental and emotional blocks so you can lead  them into action without having to push, pull or drag.

Team Building

Strengthens bonds and create a true tribe mentality that moves all members higher, and radically increases success.

Detective Listening

Discover how to detect the early warning signs that team members are slowing before they’ve completely stalled.

Neuro Tool Solutions

Practice proven ICAN Neuro Tools to overcome blocks that keep you and your team from experiencing success.

Confident Leadership

Return home invigorated and refreshed with renewed focus, practical strategies, and a crystal clear vision for 2020!

Get ready to level up and learn...

  • Mindset secrets to finding and recruiting top-level people
  • How to transform your business for massive income shifts in 2021
  • How to develop strong leaders
  • Connect with top-level, like-minded leaders in your industry
  • How to get your team unstuck and keep them motivated
  • How to harness mindset and skillset to go from Ordinary to Extraordinary

By the end of the retreat, you will regain your confidence as a strong and powerful woman, and know that you’re able, determined and worthy of your goals!


Haley Ragsdale

“Want to level up? Want to know where Leaders go for coaching? This is where we go… to Escape the Ordinary! I love that Deb and this event offers the balance of mindset skills to all the practical skills we learn. No one else offers business mindset training and coaching specifically geared to women in network marketing and direct sales. I attended last year and found it to be absolutely priceless. EVENTS ARE CRITICAL FOR GROWTH. You need to be here.”

Haley Ragsdale

“I treated my top leaders to Escape the Ordinary in hopes that we would experience some mindset shifts that would help us have a sensational start to 2020. What ended up happening was far more than just a mindset shift- it was a total realignment with our mission & purpose. Deb helped us peel back our layers to expose the core of our soul and realigned us as a team. The momentum this has created in our team has been priceless!”

Natalie Rigby

Natalie Rigby

What is Escape the Ordinary Leaders' Retreat anyway?

An intimate, transformational weekend training event with me,
Industry Leading Mindset Coach Deb Erickson, where I’ll give you the…

  • Success Tools
  • Business and Leadership Strategy
  • Team Building Skills

…needed for reaching your business goals.

Imagine being surrounded by supportive, like-minded and successful women in the network marketing industry while learning the keys to finding and recruiting top people for your team and developing the confidence to lead effectively all while renewing your spirit and recharging your mind and body!

Hear what other women are saying:

Rub Shoulders with Network Marketing Royalty

Sit across from industry leaders, and listen first-hand as they share their captivating stories of personal hardship, growth and triumph. Listen as they share their secrets of how they climbed to the top of their company’s ladder… and participate in an exclusive Q&A so they can help you do the same.

2020’s Speakers & Panelists will be announced soon.

Last Year's Featured Speakers & Panelists Included...

Read the inspiring stories of these amazing women – click on the photos!

Michelle Wallach

Shawn Nelson

Sharon McDonald

Haley Ragsdale

Jen Zucker

Hayley Hobson

Bri Richardson

Kareena Bracken

Tara Wilson

Make it a Girls' Trip!

Santa Fe is an amazing destination. Come early or stay late and explore unique shopping, vibrant art galleries, delicious cuisine, and world class museums.

Luxury Venue: La Fonda on the Plaza

Central to main attractions, like the Georgia O’Keefe museum, combined with old world charm and a rich history, our attendees love the high vibrational energy and authentic feel of Santa Fe.

Book your Room

 Rooms will sell out early! Book your hotel room ASAP so you’ll get our specially negotiated rate at the La Fonda where the event takes place.

SANTA FE, NM 87501
TOLL FREE 800-523-5002
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Learn more:

Call La Fonda on the Plaza for our special group discounted rate of $139/night.
Group Code: 953373
(limited number of rooms available!)

SUPER Early Bird tickets on sale now!

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  • 3 days of activities with Deb and Industry-Leading Panelists
  • All materials for event activities provided
  • Buffet lunch on Friday and Saturday

1 VIP Ticket



Payment Plans Available!

  • 3 days of activities with Deb and Industry-Leading Panelists
  • All materials for event activities provided
  • Buffet lunch on Friday and Saturday


  • Wine & Cheese Reception with Deb
  • VIP-Only Lunch with Deb on Friday
  • Premium Event Seating
  • Exclusive Souvenir Gift
  • Facebook Live Training for Your Team

Leader Exclusive Package



Payment Plans Available!

  • Save a table of 8 for your team!
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  • Share the weekend with your sister leaders!

All sales are final for event ticket purchases. No returns or refunds. See terms and conditions for details.

Cynthia Preece

“Deb, I cannot express the gratitude I have for you and all you put out into the world. My experience at Escape the Ordinary has been monumentally life changing. My husband cannot quit talking about how bright I am. I’m living my best life and working hard everyday. You truly are changing this world one woman at a time. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.”

Cynthia Preece


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Limited Seating Available – and when they’re gone…
so is your chance at getting your fire back and growing your mindset, team, and business!

Hi, I''m Deb Erickson,

Just like you, I joined a network marketing company to improve my life. I’ve since created ICAN Institute to offer women business mindset coaching that allows them to break free from the self-doubt and fear that holds them back from achieving top leadership levels in their companies. Today my classes and Coaching Memberships serve thousands of women in direct sales and network marketing companies in 36 countries around the world.

I can’t wait to meet you in person at this retreat and help you reach the breakthroughs you’ve been searching for!


Hi, I''m Deb Erickson,

Just like you, I joined a network marketing company to improve my life. I’ve since created ICAN Institute to offer women business mindset coaching that allows them to break free from the self-doubt and fear that holds them back from achieving top leadership levels in their companies. Today my classes and Coaching Memberships serve thousands of women in direct sales and network marketing companies in 36 countries around the world.

I can’t wait to meet you in person at this retreat and help you reach the breakthroughs you’ve been searching for!


© 2020 Deb Erickson’s ICAN Institute, all rights reserved

Michelle G. Wallach - Featured Speaker

Empowering women to build and live the lives they want.

For more than 25 years, Michelle Wallach has been building, leading, and nurturing a thriving network marketing business. After creating a very successful distributorship with nutritional health products, Michelle, along with her family, launched Youngevity in 1996 with a mission to improve lives through vibrant health and flourishing economics. As Co-Founder, Michelle has also served as Chief Operating Officer since the company’s inception, and has poured her heart and soul into its growth and building distributor relationships. Now over 20 years later, Youngevity is a leading omni-direct, multi-vertical lifestyle company, which continues to spread its mission of betterment based on core nutritional beliefs.

Through her years of entrepreneurship and as COO of Youngevity, Michelle discovered a passion for empowering women business builders. In 2007 she developed and launched Youngevity’s very own Mineral Makeup line. This product line offers a pure, healthy, mineral-based make up alternative and botanical spa and hair care products. Never one to shy away from fulfilling a dream, plan, or business idea, Michelle now focuses significantly on helping other women do the same. Also in 2007, Michelle established a women’s event (now called the Live the Life You Want event) to empower women in network marketing to own the success that they have earned. Motivated after seeing women shy away from accepting awards and recognition for the hard work and success they had created, Michelle wanted to enrich other women’s lives such that they would understand the power they have, not only in creating their own destinies, but the economic power they hold.

Michelle’s guiding principle has always been that anyone can create and lead any life they want to live through the opportunity this industry, and Youngevity specifically, offers. If they want a healthy life—they can have it. If they want to make money to pay the bills or more—they can do it. If they want to travel or develop wonderful friendships—they can have that too. In short, her belief is that the network marketing business is designed to help you create the life you want to have…and she knows it to be a fundamental truth because she did it for herself. Her goal these days is to help others uncover their own dreams and create a path that works towards fulfilling them.

Shawn Nelson

Texas born, but California raised, Shawn Nelson isn’t new to hardship and hard work. As a retired Registered Nurse, thanks to our amazing profession…Shawn raises 3 teenagers with her husband of 18 years while working her business full time. Guiding a team of 11,000 strong, and with her company for the last 6 years. 

The one trait that Shawn feels like is her strength is her ability to Lead with a servant driven spirit. “Our teams and their paychecks come before our own.” It’s a mission that she believes has created her team today. Besides empowering women Shawn loves to camp near the ocean, is a Reiki level II healer, is a Type 1 diabetes advocate, loves old school rap music, is a Mexican food lover, and tried out for the Clipper girls once (thanks gosh that didn’t pan out!!) Positivity is my SUPERPOWER…let’s set our intentions to make this an amazing weekend!

Sharon McDonald

Sharon McDonald is a mom of 5 – 1 girl, 4 boys. She’s an everyday girl who had a vision of lifting millions around the world back to the basics with their health and wellness. Her favorite part of her business is gathering high achieving women to rise in their homes and communities to collectively create a ripple effect for powerful change in the well-being of others. 

She chose the business 9-years ago after husband Jason invited her and she never looked back. She is a Blue Diamond with dōTERRA. Living in Vermont, grew up in Washington State north of Portland. Her biggest strengths are: Strategy, Achiever, Activator, Belief, Connectedness.

Haley Ragsdale

Haley Ragsdale has been a Top Leader and Network Marketing Professional for 6 years. She left her multiple six-figure corporate career 4 years ago to ‘Uplift, Empower, and Validate’ women around the world, full time with her beautiful business.

Quality time spent with friends and family is her true passion. A Mother of two grownups and a grandmother of three precious babies under the age of three, Haley and her husband most enjoy family time and outdoor activities in Alaska where they live full time.

Haley believes that #BeautyIsAVerb and leads from her heart with great optimism and positivity. This profession has been the most amazing gift of time freedom and potential. What she loves most are the people that have come into her life since she first said “YES” and started to grow a business here. Haley spends her days pouring inspiration, motivation, and support into The Success Society (her team of 815,000+ in 16 Countries) and does her very best to positively influence everyone in the profession that she has the opportunity to encounter.

Jen Zucker

Jen Zucker is an Exclusive Black Presenter with Younique. Jen’s unequivocal motto in life is: “I am making a positive difference in the universe today!” She believes in the steadfast concept of “YOU – your spirit, and your personal power.” In Jen’s eyes, every moment of every day is exactly what you make of it. She is an experienced Direct Sales professional and has been a true selling heroine for over 20 years. She actually says that the Direct Sales business model was created for people just like her.

Living all over South America and in Southern California, she has gained a globally rich view of life and has acquired a taste for the love of good food, conversation, and opportunity. Jen says yes when the world says no. Defying the odds, Jen overcame fertility issues, her parents’ divorce, and learning disabilities to create a successful family and business (and speak three languages fluently by age 10!). Jen is a survivor who attended The Younique Foundation’s retreat at The Haven and shares her story with anyone who needs to hear it. Jen’s team describes her as positive, inspiring, determined, energetic, and fun. When she’s not working her business or doting on her husband of 22 years, Joe, and their talented 15-year-old daughter, Morgan, Jen can be found singing with the Sweet Adelines, a worldwide women’s barbershop harmony organization, and eating peanut butter. Jen was born in Hawaii and raised in South America but now calls Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. home. All work and no play makes Jen a DULL girl! Work hard, play hard – love life!

Hayley Hobson

Hayley Hobson is a holistic entrepreneur who helps new enterprising, go-getters Consciously Create a Lifestyle and Business They Love. Her Consciously Creating the Whole You Brand started just 6 years ago and today has launched more than 4 courses, 2 coaching programs, and globally positioned her as one of the most powerful women in network marketing. 

As a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, Hayley Hobson is credited with achieving the highest ranks in her company in the shortest time. Her main charitable focuses are anti-human trafficking efforts, helping to build communities and livelihoods in developing countries, and building an orphanage in Haiti that when complete will house up to 25 children.
Over the last several years, she’s been responsible for coaching and empowering hundreds of men and women in their quest to build a business for themselves, or simply getting what they want with less effort and stress with her simple approaches. Her Consciously Creating the Whole You podcast has more than 10,000 downloads per month and her healthy life and biz blogs are featured in MindBodyGreen, Positively Positive, and Network Marketing Magazine expanding her influence beyond 1 million fans.

Bri Richardson

Success coach, social media expert and network marketing millionaire Bri Richardson has been in the industry for over 14 years, and is known for her “give it to me straight” coaching style and authentic passion for helping others succeed.

Over the last four and a half years, Bri was able to retire her husband from the corporate world before the age of 30, build and sustain a seven-figure income, and now leads a team of nearly 400,000 entrepreneurs, all while raising two young boys.

When asked how she does it, Bri lists her top 3 attributes as social media knowledge, a drive to help others succeed and (most importantly) building a duplicatable system in her organization. Now that she’s found the path to success, she knows and has proven that it’s possible for anyone who’s willing to work at it.

Kareena Bracken

Kareena is a wife and mother to 6 children. Eleven years ago she was introduced to plant based medicine, essential oils. She was amazed with the power and effectiveness of these natural solutions and empowered to take control of the health of her family and those she loved. This grew to a passion to also empower other moms to do the same, and soon became her purpose. Having struggled with her own health issues over the years and successfully supporting her own healing using these natural solutions, Kareena used that knowledge and passion to create a hugely successful global business. She is a dōTERRA US Founder and Presidential Diamond. She has become a Natural Solutions Expert, Health Mentor, and Entrepreneur.

She works with women to help them bring non-toxic plant based solutions into their homes, to create a healer in every home, and help those families thrive in health and wellness. She also helps other women grow their businesses by incorporating plant based solutions in many ways, from moms empowering their families, to professionals supporting existing clients they may have, and spreading the gift of these solutions with the world. More than anything she loves the joy and confidence this brings to other women. This is her passion and purpose in life and none of it feels like work, as she has successfully created a life where she can serve other like-minded women all across the world.

Tara Wilson

Tara was working full time as a Wholesale Mortgage Rep with two small kids when she was first introduced to Network Marketing. With the original goal of wanting to earn $500 a month, she never expected that 8 months later she would replace a 6 figure income and retire from corporate America forever!!! 4 years later, now with 3 kids, she retired her husband, too!

Tara has built teams with more than 300,000 members and it currently a 7 figure per year earner.  In her 12 plus years in the industry, Tara’s teams have done more than $200 million in sales in 12 different countries, which has earned her more than $6 million in her career.

Tara’s passion is to help people become their best self, learn the skills to become successful entrepreneurs, build the believe that “they can”, and live their fullest life by design!!!  Tara and her family currently reside in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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