Get Out of The Rut and On With Your Life Paperback

Get Out of the Rut and On With Your Life by Deb Erickson, 2nd Edition

Deb Erickson has taken key points from her stage programs and created an interactive book filled with infectious humor and practical wisdom. Let Deb be your personal coach, taking you through the same activities she has used with her professional clients for more than 20 years. With a conversational style and personal stories, you will feel like Deb is sitting beside you as she guides you through each life-enriching process.

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Get Out of the Rut and On With Your Life topics:

  • Be a catalyst for change
  • Break through old mental habit patterns
  • Bring out your potential
  • Clarify how the mind works
  • Dissolve the illusion of fear
  • Heal old wounds
  • Open your mind to new possibilities
  • Inspire your greatness
  • Embrace your power and potential
  • Free yourself from the mental limits that have imprisoned you