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Are you spending (er, wasting) your time trying to “motivate” your team?

Stop banging your head against the wall by forcing them into action… and get the Neuro Tools and training to help coach them to pull their own GREATNESS, MOTIVATION + EXPERTISE out from within.


Ready to be the kind of leader that mentors with ease & flow?

Don’t miss this workshop!

After this free training, you’ll walk away with:

Hard facts supporting the success of women in Network Marketing through Neuro Tools and mindset coaching
(You can’t argue with data, right?)

An understanding of how Neuro Tools can bridge the performance gap for your women
(Transforming the goals they set to the goals they ACHIEVE!)

And TWO (2!!!) free Neuro Tools I guarantee you’ve never been exposed to so you can start Neuro Coaching your team to success the minute we end the training.

Success is 97% mindset.

If you’re not utilizing Neuro Tools to help your team overcome their mindset blocks, fears, hesitations, and weak motivators, results simply won’t come long-term.

The sustainability of your team’s success is in Neuro Coaching.

Join me so I can show you why and how—and you can easily go from burned out to inspiring, results-driven leader.

Hi, I 'm Deb Erickson,

Just like you, I joined a network marketing company to improve my life. I’ve since created ICAN Institute to offer women business mindset coaching that allows them to break free from the self-doubt and fear that holds them back from achieving top leadership levels in their companies. Today my classes and Coaching Memberships serve thousands of women in direct sales and network marketing companies in 36 countries around the world.

I can’t wait to see you in this free workshop!

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Free Workshop Series

Learn how to use Neuro Coaching to mentor your team and create sustainable success.

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