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With Neuro Trainer & Business Mindset Expert, Deb Erickson

For Network Marketing and Direct Sales leaders ready to coach their teams through every mindset block with our proven tools and innovative coaching strategies.

Ready to unleash your team’s unstoppable business growth and success?

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Stop begging, pushing and pulling your team with “quick fix” bribes that don’t work. Shift their mindset—and elevate their results—for good.

“Almost immediately after starting the ICAN Coach Masterclass, my team had an amazing 42% increase. The clarity and vision Deb gave me in how I work with others is immeasurable! I can’t believe the changes in me and my business.”
Patsy Burdine, Baton Rouge, LA

Teachable Hard Skills + Coachable Mindset Shifts = Business Success That DOES.NOT.STOP!
Give your team both sides of the success formula —> ICAN COACH!


12 On-Demand Video Lessons
With audio streaming so it’s available for you anytime, anywhere


12 Pre-Recorded Q&A Sessions
Hear answers to questions from leaders just like you!

ICAN Coach Training Manual
Including Neuroscience Framework and Coaching Cheat-Sheets


30+ ICAN Neuro Tools  
Designed to help shift energy and mindset patterns in real time to move out of fear and into action


Access to the ICAN Success Center FOR YOUR ENTIRE TEAM
6 Months Access included!


Access to The ICAN Institute’s Private Facebook Community

Oh, and don’t overlook how the training will affect and strengthen your mindset growth, too!

“What I have learned from ICAN Coach has substantially improved the way I work with my team. I have had countless “breakthrough” conversations where my team members have gained new awareness. I’ve been able to give them practical tools to shift their thinking-fast, and move them back into business actions they were avoiding. My team has had more rank advancements in the last 3 months than I’ve seen since I began. I am falling in love with my business again.”
Terri Beckstead, Woodbury, MN

Plateaus, hurdles and mindset blocks won’t have a hold of you or your team ever again.

Ready for the Nitty Gritty?

Over 12 weeks you’ll master laser-coaching strategies and empower yourself to elevate your team.

Weekly lessons include:

What’s that? You just wait and see…
You know what they say: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Yes, there’s an actual science to our success!

I’ll make your results stick FOR GOOD!
10 minutes a day is all you need per check-in… I’ll show you how!
Any goal, any size… a custom action plan will be your go-to tool!

Help your team get UNstuck—FAST—without any self-doubt, procrastination or limiting-beliefs creeping back in.

Skip the Yes or No Q’s… and learn how to DIVE DEEPER!

Helping people to let go of past mistakes, failures, and fears with confidence training, compassion and your intuitive ability to deliver direct, purposeful coaching exactly when they need it most.

Helping people to let go of past mistakes, failures and fears with confidence training, compassion and your intuitive ability to deliver direct, purposeful coaching exactly when they need it most.

If you want to fly… your feet need to leave the ground first, right? Imagine the results of pushing your team past their current safety net!

If your team can dream it, they can achieve it. Sound cliche? Maybe so… BUT IT WORKS!

Fear is the LAST THING that should be holding your downline back. I’ll show you how to make them bold and brave to attack any goal they set.

How to Get UNstuck, back into consistent growth and flowing with a momentum that yields results, success, and yes, INCOME!

“Every new ICAN Coach lesson held an a-ha moment for me. My team sales have doubled from where they were a year ago, and it’s in huge part due to the skills I’ve learned in Deb’s program. She truly speaks to the unique needs of a network marketing entrepreneur.”
Ky Lauren, Culver City, CA

Why join me?
Because I know you.

I know you didn’t become a leader in Network Marketing and Direct Sales by sitting on your hands and waiting for life to make you a success. You were born to lead—and I bet you kinda love the thrill of it, too, don’t you?

Leaders—scratch that, GREAT LEADERS—are cut from a different cloth. We crave results… success… growth… recognition.

Only one problem —-> You can teach your team the hard business skills of making contacts and closing deals all day but if they can’t get out of their own way, they’ll never truly see success.

Mindset blocks are result killers—and no amount of business skills can help your downline to push through. THEY NEED YOU to show up as the leader you are with active listening, impactful direction and the innate intuition to see between the cracks of what’s really going on.

I’ll help coach you to do exactly that.

“There are a lot of other coaches that are similar to each other, but there’s not a single one that’s like Deb. She has the education in neuroscience to be able to overcome the blocks in the brain. We all have some triggers and blocks from life, because we’re human. Because of her education and her brilliance, Deb is the only person I know, especially geared towards network marketing, that can help anybody overcome those.”

Bri Richardson
Million Dollar Hall of FAME Member

“Deb’s training is so different than other professional coaching that we recieve at this level because it’s so mindset based.

It’s amazing… She’s amazing! No matter what you earn, no matter how high you are, no matter who you are… everyone needs mindset work.”

Haley Ragsdale
Younique Black Status Presenter

Leaders Pay $5k, $8k, $10k+ for BUSINESS training… and never get a penny worth of Neuro Training—
and it’s not working!

Get the training YOU need to coach YOUR TEAM through every hurdle, rough patch, breakdown in confidence and plateau…




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This is for you if…

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I’d love to, and my team NEEDS this, but I just don’t have the time or energy!

“ICAN Coach has made me a more confident, driven leader. I have renewed faith in myself as a coach and have strengthened my focus, allowing me to recruit 25 new women on to my team, and developed 3 new directors in just 6 short months.”
Toya Drew, Cypress, TX

Plateaus, hurdles, and mindset blocks won’t have a hold on you or your team ever again.

If you’re ready to elevate your coaching, accelerate your sales, and increase your recruiting rates for a team that celebrates BIG WINS on a daily basis, then it’s time to shout from the rooftops, ICAN COACH!

Did someone say RANK ADVANCEMENT? YEP, I just did… because after this 3-month intensive you WILL—and so will your entire downline!

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