Business Coaching for Elite Leaders in Sales and Network Marketing

Lead with confidence as you create a self-sufficient and thriving organization.

Lead with confidence as you create a self-sufficient and thriving organization.

Create the Skills and Mindset of an Extraordinary Leader

People often believe that you’re either a born leader or you’re not.  And that myth keeps individuals stuck toiling in their organizations, never rising to the levels from which they can achieve their dreams.

Leadership is a skill.

Like all skills, it can be mastered.

And the only way to reach the top in your company is to transition from managing your personal business to becoming an elite level leader.

Have you ever thought...

"I feel pressure and guilt if my team's businesses aren't growing like they'd hoped."

"I can build or lead, but I don’t know how to do both... I go into management mode and my momentum stalls."

"When I hold them accountable, they produce.  The minute I stop... they stop."

"I’m not teaching duplicable leadership skills to my team; they depend on me for everything and it leaves me exhausted!"

"I’m not really sure how I got here, so I don’t know what to teach my people that will absolutely grow their businesses."

"I just don’t know how to develop leaders who can do what I can do!"

ICAN Lead is a 3-month elite leadership development program designed specifically for network marketers ready to shift focus from personal business management to leadership mastery.

You might be a seasoned leader who’s frustrated that your team is stuck and out of ideas for moving them forward...

Or maybe you’ve built a team that’s simply unable to be consistent in their growth and development...

Even if you’re just trying to step into leadership in the right way so you can develop the skills and understanding to take you to the top...

ICAN Lead will give you the foundation to lead with ease and confidence as you create a self-sufficient and thriving organization that won’t disrupt your life balance.

In ICAN Lead, you'll learn to:


Develop a culture of personal awareness, collaborative excellence and individual growth


Build confidence in your ability to lead while mastering fundamental leadership skills


Create a leadership mindset that supports personal and team greatness


Stop managing and start leading


Nurture an environment of mutual trust and respect instead of personal friendship


Exert greater influence, navigate tough relationships, build leverage and engage in authentic conversations that create true change


Take specific actions that create sustainable growth and positive transformation among your team


Inspire, motivate, and empower your team to move past fear and into leadership roles

In ICAN Lead, you will learn the 12 Pillars of Extraordinary Leadership and how to implement them to create the organizational structure that will take you to the top.

You’ll also be able to invite your team to access the ICAN Institute Success Center, our introductory training portal that provides a foundation of empowerment, self-awareness, and the tools to achieve success.

During the 3-month ICAN Lead program, you’ll get:

  • An Action Strategy to uncover the personal assets, mindset limitations and action items required for goal achievement

  • A Self-Assessment to help you identify the specific mindset limiters or emotional blocks your team may have, and the tools to direct the changes needed for success

  • A Goal-Setting guide to help your team members get clear on what they want and why

  • A Role Agility cheat sheet to help you identify the role you’re playing and how to change that with thoughtful, intentional communication

  • A template for creating duplicable systems and development plans that meet the development needs of your team

  • A Personal Development Plan for addressing your own leadership identity challenges

  • Mastery of the 12 Pillars of Extraordinary Leadership critical for network marketing success

The 12 Pillars of Extraordinary Leadership

Week Title
Pre-Course Orientation: Break the Current Cycle of Duplication
Lesson 1 Your Leadership Identity: Personal Excellence, Self-Development, and Skills-Building
Lesson 2 Self-Management: Confidence, Accountability, and Personal Power Tools
Lesson 3 Leadership Mindset: Awareness of Relationships and Management vs. Leading
Lesson 4 Responsibility: Show Them the Path and Allow Leaders to Lead
Lesson 5 Role Agility: Learn the Ten Leadership Roles and Fit Them to the Moment
Lesson 6 Vision Casting: Create Clear Goals and Harness “Leaning In” Behavior
Lesson 7 Communication: Active and Intuitive Listening with a One-on-One Focus
Lesson 8 Connection: Build Rapport, Develop Respect and Display Empowered Accountability
Lesson 9 Collaboration: Team-building and Creating a Tribe
Lesson 10 Growth Culture: Social and Emotional Intelligence and a Safe Place for Becoming
Lesson 11 Influence: Influence Yourself and Others to Step into their Personal Greatness
Lesson 12 Create Duplicable Systems: You Teach, they Master, they Teach!

“I was a master of developing contest winners, but I wasn't a master of my business growth. Year after year, I felt I was doing the right things, but not making the progress I wanted towards my next rank. I joined ICAN Lead, and for the first time started seeing significant growth and movement in my business.”

Corrin Cresci

Modesto, CA

“I was a leader who was stuck, frustrated that my business had hit a plateau that I couldn’t seem to break through. The results of this class have been truly amazing - I have increased my recruiting by over 50% and my team is finally growing again.”

Becky Davies

Peoria, IL

"Even though I'd hit the million-dollar sales mark multiple times in my career, I still felt unfocused and insecure of how I fit into my organization. I have experienced a complete shift in my focus and the results are mind-blowing. I am finally attracting the exact women I've been seeking for years."

Stacy Foust

Gilbert, AZ

“If you're hungry to unlock the greatness you KNOW is inside you and you're tired of spinning your wheels, then you MUST meet Deb Erickson. Her ICAN Lead program is like Miracle Grow for your mind!  Deb's classes are the BEST investment I’ve ever made."

Pam Kelly

Denver, CO


ICAN Lead Class
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  • Live Platinum Leadership Coaching Call

Deb Erickson is a Business Mindset Coach serving women in sales and network marketing. Deb’s revolutionary approach is designed to create business success from the inside out, by merging inner-focused neuro tools with practical, skills-based business training.  The result is an empowering transformation that liberates entrepreneurial women from mental ruts, emotional fears and perceived  limitations, allowing their businesses to enjoy unprecedented growth. Read More...

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