Your online presence is the key to growing your business while maintaining the freedom in life you desire!


Your online presence is the key to growing your business while maintaining the freedom in life you desire!

A Next-Level Course for Women in Sales and Network Marketing

Harness the power of online marketing to extend your reach without extending your workday!

Do you find technology and the prospect of entering the global marketplace intimidating?

Are fear, low confidence, or lack of know-how keeping you from expanding your digital marketing presence?

On this journey of understanding and mastering your business potential, leveraging online marketing is the critical step you eventually have to take.

ICAN Market Online combines Deb’s proven mindset-based coaching with specific techniques to create the complete digital system that your network marketing business demands.

Step by step, this comprehensive course will transform your business with the core marketing concepts behind true financial freedom and the scalable digital tools to get you there.

Ready to get your website and social media selling and recruiting for you 24/7?  With ICAN Market Online, you’ll learn the game-changing marketing approach to reach your ideal customers and business partners around the block or around the world without leaving the comfort of home.


In ICAN Market Online, you will:

Identify and overcome the fears that have blocked you from launching your online presence
Create a website that serves as central command for all your business needs – from marketing to team training and communications – on a user-friendly platform that will distinguish your brand from the crowd
Create your personal sales and marketing process map, identifying the most effective lead management system for you and your products
Create a digital strategy to bring your personal brand and business vision to the world
Identify your personal strengths in the marketing process and create a lead magnet that maximizes them
Master the art of keeping your pipelines full by creating multiple sales funnels with lead nurturing tools
Experience a powerful shift from doubt to confidence in your ability to run your business online
Elevate your marketing confidence by creating a solution-based process for communicating your offer
Create marketing assets like video trainings, drip email campaigns, auto-responders, lead capture forms and social posts to target your ideal customers, sharing partners and business builders with messages specifically for them
Get online in just 10 weeks with a complete digital marketing plan fits your business goals

Grow Your Business While Maintaining Your Life!

These programs have been a complete game changer for me and I have experienced an absolute transformation. My business is forever changed.

Kristin McMahon

Company : Fort Collins, CO

I have been working with Deb for going on 3 plus years. Her courses meet all learning styles and are easy to follow. She is innovative and always learning to bring fresh material to her programs. I'm a lifer.

D’on Waltermire

Company : Nampa, ID


ICAN Institute is teaming up with 3 Step Solutions to bring you one of the most advanced platforms in the market, designed specifically for small businesses, solopreneurs, and network marketers who want a simple solution with ADVANCED digital options.

Your enrollment to ICAN Market Online includes a 3-month trial membership to the 3 Step Solutions platform, so you can apply all the marketing concepts immediately to develop your personalized web presence.

And, in addition to your 10 ICAN Market Online coaching sessions with me, you’ll receive 10 LIVE weekly training sessions with the 3 Step Solutions team to guide you through every step of the process.

From web designers to digital marketing experts, they’ll provide you with the support to bring your business online with a functioning digital marketing system in just 10 short weeks!

Options for your personal website include:

  • Landing pages (lead capture)
  • CRM (list management, unique tags, email campaigns, membership identification)
  • Auto-responders
  • Integration with Social Media (both posts and ad campaigns)
  • Blogs/Training Videos
  • Privet Membership site (so you can have separate sites for sales promotion and team development)
  • Shopping cart
  • Zoom (this is an add on)
  • Links to other sites (like your personalize company site)

Register for ICAN Market Online Live


Classes Begin Wednesday, January 3, 2018
7:30am Pacific / 10:30am Eastern / 15:30 GMT / 1:30am (next day) AEST


All live classes are recorded and available to access in your account within 24 hours.

Week Title Date
Pre-Course Orientation – True Financial Freedom through Digital Marketing January 3
Week 1 Branding – Setting Yourself Apart January 10
Week 2 Identifying Your Ideal Customers and Business Builders January 17
Week 3 Script-building – Benefits, Solutions and Transformations January 24
Week 4 Overcoming Personal FEAR – Telling your Story January 31
Week 5 Lead Generation – Building your Marketing Funnels & Lead Magnets February 7
Week 6 Lead Qualification – Sifting and Sorting your Prospects February 14
Week 7 Lead Nurture – Turning Cold Leads into Raving FANS February 21
Week 8 Lead Conversion – Upselling and Getting New Recruits started FAST February 28
Week 9 Managing the Development of Your Team March 7
Week 10 Putting it all Together – Mastering Automated Systems to Run 24/7 March 14

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