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ICAN Neuro Tools are easy-to-use, neuroscience-based, brain re-training tools designed to help direct sales entrepreneurs like you overcome common mindset limiters, increase confident, consistent selling and sponsoring action, and achieve the success you want—and deserve.


In a nutshell, ICAN Neuro Tools shift the way your mind thinks and what it believes, so you move past your mental roadblocks and start achieving your goals with more ease and less stress.


These proprietary tools are only available inside The ICAN Institute’s Masterclasses and ICAN Mindset Memberships. They are designed to work in-the-moment to help you shift from fear to unstoppable, confident action, and over time to help you get “unstuck” and build an unshakable belief in your ability to build the life and business you’ve dreamed of.

“ICAN Institute’s ICAN Neuro Tools are the best tools I’ve ever used to help me see, stop, and heal personal and business fears and challenges I’ve carried for decades. Without them I would have not been able to face fears that affected my personal and business life for over 20 years. I’m now reaching goals I never thought possible before…” 

Heather Grover-Rizzo

These multisensory Neuro Tools include proven mindset shifting modalities including: mindfulness breathing & meditation, audio recordings, videos, affirmations, and visualization exercises. They should be used repeatedly to help train your brain to “cooperate” with you in order to achieve your goals. They are designed to ease stress, calm your fear center (that pesky part that holds you back), reset your neuro set-point, and bring both your conscious and unconscious mind into alignment with your true focus, desires, and dreams. 

These tools are quick and easy to use. Use them daily, in your work or personal life, where feelings of fear, anxiety, doubt, procrastination, hesitation, unworthiness, lack of motivation, or other emotional triggers show up.  As you work through the ICAN Business Mindset Classes and training, you’ll gain new awareness and discover which tools work best for you in different situations.  

It’s all about consistency and repetition. Frequent use of these tools over time creates new neural pathways that rewire your brain to create a new set-point (“auto-pilot”) anchoring in new core beliefs, attitudes, thought patterns and behaviors that will transform your results and vastly improve the way you feel and interact in many other areas of your life.

Upon mastering these tools, you’ll have solutions for any challenge your life or business throws your way at your fingertips. You’ll become aware of the early warning signs that your brain is reacting on “auto-pilot” and directing you down the path of old behaviors that will undoubtedly lead you away from your desired goals. Eventually, you’ll have the ability to catch yourself, easily apply the appropriate ICAN Neuro Tool, and shift your focus and behavior to get right back on track. 

Your ICAN Neuro Tools are available to stream anytime and anywhere you need them from any smart phone, laptop or desktop.  Simply log in to your Mindset Membership Portal and visit the ICAN Neuro Tools tab in the menu. You may search for Neuro Tools by the specific problem you’re facing or the solution you wish to create, i.e.: “lack mentality.”

Most tools include an introduction audio and optional worksheet to help you get the best results possible. While you may only need to listen to the introduction once, jumping right into the tool the next time you need it, but we do recommend taking an initial listen.

The Daytime Affirmation Tools may be used any time to help feed your mind positive ideas and messages that expand your core beliefs. They’re perfect to listen to while you are exercising, driving, cooking, or running errands. Let these messages fill your conscious and subconscious mind, uplifting your thoughts, shifting your energy, and changing your thought and behavior patterns so that it’s easier to take the necessary business action to hit even your biggest goals. 

The Nighttime Affirmations are coupled with alpha wave music and relaxation suggestions designed to slow down your brain wave frequency, release stress, and open your subconscious mind to more empowering core beliefs that support you in achieving your goals and living your dreams. Simply turn on the recording of your choice and relax. Allow yourself to drift off, let go of your conscious thoughts and allow the messages to become your own. It is perfectly fine to fall asleep while listening. Your subconscious mind never sleeps, so you are always absorbing these powerful, positive messages designed to shift your mindset, actions, and results—even while you sleep.

Congratulations on beginning your transformative journey with ICAN Neuro Tools. Designed specifically for the female brain, we are confident that these tools will yield undeniable results and movement in your business. The only thing to do is get started… so what are you waiting for?

See the results of ICAN Neuro Tools:

A Proven Solution

Lisa Wyland2

“I love listening to my favorite ICAN Neuro Tools each morning. In the short time I have been using them, I’ve called 4 people on my chicken list, signed up a new distributor who then signed up a new distributor, and 3 new customers. I am totally blown away and grateful… It feels incredible to let my light shine.” 

Lisa Wyland

“I’m so excited and beside myself! Sponsoring was a weakness. I have been practicing and using the ICAN Neuro Tools multiple times a day to help me move past it. IT WORKS! I sponsored 4 people this weekend!”

Vickey Foster

nancy bolen serba

“I have been using the ICAN Neuro Tools in my Gold Mindset Membership consistently and am thrilled to say that I HAVE CHANGED! My business is going gangbusters and I am so much happier! This is the missing link. EVERYONE needs these Neuro Tools.”

Nancy Serba

“I consistently listened to the “Creating Unshakeable Confidence” Neuro Tool at night and crushed my monthly goal, ending up with 10 new customers in my business. My confidence soared as I realized I can, I will, and I am worthy!”

Alicia Whalen

dolly ferguson-sq

“I recently started in a downward spiral gripped by fear and doubt but I stopped my descent and negative self-talk. The ICAN Neuro Tools changed my way of thinking and changed my life and business!”

Dolly McLaughlin Ferguson

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