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For when you know your team needs #AllTheNeuroTools but you just don’t have time to teach them mindset training yourself.

Go ahead and run your business, girl… we’ve got you covered with our

Platinum Plus Mindset Membership

(designed for leader of leaders JUST. LIKE. YOU!)

Platinum Plus Membership image

For when you know your team needs #AllTheNeuroTools but you just don’t have time to teach them mindset training yourself.

Go ahead and run your business, girl… I’ve got you covered with our 

Platinum Plus Mindset Membership

(designed for leader of leaders JUST.LIKE.YOU!)

Deb Erickson White background, ICAN Coach

This is for you (and your team) IF:

So far, so good, right? 

Nodding your head in agreement. Loving every moment of it. Visualizing all the possibilities, growth, and success for your team.

EXCEPT… you don’t have the time, energy, or possibly the investment to learn the techniques and DIY it… not right now…

Why join me?
Because I know you.

I know you didn’t become a leader in Network Marketing and Direct Sales by sitting on your hands and waiting for life to make you a success. You were born to lead—and I bet you kinda love the thrill of it, too, don’t you?

Leaders—scratch that, GREAT LEADERS—are cut from a different cloth. We crave results… success… growth… recognition.

Only one problem –> You can teach your team the hard business skills of making contacts and closing deals all day but if they can’t get out of their own way, they’ll never truly see success.

Mindset blocks are result killers—and no amount of business skills can help your downline to push through. 

I’ll help train your team to do exactly that.

“There are a lot of other coaches that are similar to each other, but there’s not a single one that’s like Deb. She has the education in neuroscience to be able to overcome the blocks in the brain. We all have some triggers and blocks from life, because we’re human. Because of her education and her brilliance, Deb is the only person I know, especially geared towards network marketing, that can help anybody overcome those.”

Bri Richardson
Million Dollar Hall of FAME Member

Here’s what it looks like…

For Your Team:

Bring your ENTIRE team—with UNLIMITED access—to get all the business mindset training they need in one place. Ideal for the 80%’ers on your team, this will give them the foundation to push through what’s keeping them from that elusive 20% (you know, where the $$$ is!)

Elevate your Top 10 with this invaluable emerging leadership training with Deb. Each month your top leaders will have exclusive access to Deb’s LIVE mindset coaching sessions, her entire library of training and the tools they need to step into their success without hesitation or self-doubt.

Team up with Deb (seriously!) to coach a business mindset course together that will make instant waves in your downline. Let Deb do the heavy lifting while you manage the weekly check-in Q+A’s to keep your team on track and accountable.

Do this one of two ways:

ICAN Start Class –> Deb’s foundational course on how to set and achieve goals by moving through mental and emotional blocks triggered by fear, self-sabotage, and low confidence. Watch as Deb kicks those pesky blockers, limiting beliefs, and success STOPPERS to the curb for your team (and probably YOU!) With the ICAN Start Class your downline will never set and miss a goal again.

ICAN Sell & Recruit Class –> Toss the “I can’t find customers” syndrome to the side, it’s time to identify, attract, and seal the deal with your ideal customers. With the right sales funnels and scripts, you’ll marvel at the EASE of upleveling your customer base and recruiting pool.

Give your team a leg up with exclusive discounts to continue their rise to success with 10% OFF ALL ICAN Institute Coaching Memberships.

Think this is exactly what your team needs
 (right this second?!)

But hey, what about YOU?!

Repeat after me: leaders need continued training, too!

Here’s what YOU get with this “Do It For Me” option:

Direct Access to Deb
Wait, what? Yep, using Whatsapp, you can voice message Deb directly to ask your “I need answers NOW” kind of Qs 24/7, 365 days a year!


LIVE Monthly Platinum Plus Session
Jump on with your equally dedicated and incredible peers to get feedback, support, and inspiration. Connect with Deb and your community of leaders to elevate your own leadership—FAST!


Buy Coaching Sessions on Demand
Want personal coaching? Have a key leader that needs a little 1:1 to put her over the edge to rank advance? Platinum Plus Members are the ONLY ones who can snag this 45-minute session with Deb for only $350.


And, of course, you’ll get BONUS access to:
All Business Mindset Classes
All ICAN Neuro Tools
All Monday Mindset  Sessions
All Platinum Sessions


Platinum Plus Membership Image


per month

OR get 12 months for the price of 11 with an
  Annual Subscription




Platinum Plus Membership image



one time (payment plan available)

“No matter who you are, or what level you are at in your business, there will come a time when your mindset interferes with moving forward. It’s just the way it is. Enter Deb Erickson and ICAN Institute. Working through ICAN Institutes’s classes and having access to her through a monthly membership has saved me as I experience my ‘new level, new devil.’ ICAN Institute ALWAYS gives more than expected. Do yourself a favor and tap into this valuable resource sooner rather than later.” 

Vickie Dickson
Blue Diamond doTERRA  

This is pretty exciting, isn’t it? We think so, too.

Do we want you in the Platinum Plus Mindset Membership? ALWAYS—but only when it’s the right time, right fit, and the right program to move your team forward NOW.

Ready to know if this Membership is the *perfect* fit for you and your downline?

Talk with a Membership Specialist and we’ll give you the quick 411.

If it’s not, we’ll guide you in the right direction. We’re all about meeting YOU where you are… not the other way around.

Call 505-898-4400 or email us at

“Deb Erickson is incredible! I put 100 of my top leaders into a Gold Mindset Membership and after only 5 weeks of working with ICAN Institute, we are experiencing measurable results! Thanks to ICAN Institute’s extraordinary training and powerful ICAN Neuro Tools, my leaders are finally getting the movement in their business that they’ve been hoping for! I am SO grateful for her incredible capacity to do so much good for so many.”

Li Fryling
Presidential Diamond, dōTERRA

PS: Heard enough and can’t stop thinking, “HECK YES! The “Do It For Me” program sounds like a cold pina colada on a hot sunny day kind of fit for me. I’M ALL IN!” then go ahead and push that ‘Do it for me’ button now!

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