Confidently attract the right women and create consistent, positive growth in your business

A Live Interactive Class Designed For Women in Sales and Network Marketing

You know what you need to do to achieve your goals... but you just aren't doing it.

Your production numbers aren't where you wish they were, and you know that you just aren't enrolling or sponsoring enough new people to grow your business.

In this class, you'll rebuild your relationship with selling and recruiting from the inside out.

You'll learn to manage your mindset, master your emotions, and move back into PRODUCTIVE ACTION, all while gaining new skills that are a match for your natural gifts and talents as a woman.

Harness your inner confidence and rediscover the passion in your ability to attract and recruit the ideal business partners you desire.

In ICAN Sell & Recruit, you will:


Master the 80/20 rule of recruiting


Identify and attract your ideal business builder


Break free from the mental and emotional blocks that stop you from the booking action required for success


Understand what causes your target market to WANT to say yes to your offer


Create simple marketing messages that act like bait, making your offer irresistible to the top 20% of your ideal market


Use neuro tools to attract and influence the exact builders you're seeking


Identify the unique gifts and talents that make you magnetic to your ideal recruit


Remove negative emotions from your selling cycle


Raise your selling IQ to become authentic and elegant in your approach

The Confidence to Succeed is Within You

"After taking Deb Erickson’s ICAN Sell & Recruit class, I broke through my resistance to sharing and booking. I embraced the feminine mindset of recruiting and set a new personal record for the highest paycheck yet. I’ve had an increase in sales of over 13% in just 2 months by following Deb’s simple recruiting technique.”

Peggy Young

Company : Lorton, VA

“Today I spoke to one of my customers who had fallen off the radar. I literally read my pain points from my ICAN Sell & Recruit homework and she said, "Wow, you have hit the nail on the head." This class is exactly what I needed!.”

Lisa Bergman

Company : Round Hill, VA

“I have worked with dozens of sales coaches and NO one has ever impacted my business as much as Deb’s programs have. Her ICAN Sell & Recruit class created inside change resulting in immediate growth in my sales.”

Patsy Burdine

Company : Baton Rouge, LA

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Classes Begin Wednesday, April 25, 2018

7:30am Pacific / 10:30am Eastern / 3:30pm GMT / 1:30am AEST (next day)

All of the 1-hour live classes are recorded and available on your account the following day.

Week Title Date
Pre-Course Introduction and Orientation April 25
Week 1 Elevating Your Selling and Recruiting Confidence May 2
Week 2 Finding Your Ideal Customers and Business Partners May 9
Week 3 Solution-Based Selling and Recruiting May 16
Week 4 Types of Buyers (Authentic Selling) May 23
Week 5 Types of Business Partners (Solution-Centered Recruiting) May 30
Week 6 Overcoming Your Personal Blocks June 6
Week 7 Overcoming Your Prospects' Fears and Objections June 13
Week 8 Message to market matches and personalized scripts June 20
Week 9 Marketing funnels to fill your sales and recruiting Pipeline June 27
Week 10 Putting FEAR of rejection behind you forever July 11

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Radically Reinvent Your Selling & Recruiting Identity

Deb Erickson is a Business Mindset Coach serving women in sales and network marketing. Deb’s revolutionary approach is designed to create business success from the inside out: merging inner neuro tools with outer skill-based business training, liberating women from mental ruts, emotional fears and personal limitations resulting in unprecedented growth. Read More...