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Get unstuck, overcome limited thinking, and create true momentum toward achieving your business goals.

Get unstuck, overcome limited thinking, and create true momentum toward achieving your goals.

On-Demand Training and Live Weekly Coaching for Women in Sales and Network Marketing

The hardest thing to do in life is get started.

You have huge dreams for your network marketing business, but missed sales goals, challenges recruiting new team members, and chasing that next rank advancement can leave you feeling frustrated, doubtful, and just flat-out exhausted.

Plus, your go-getter friends and colleagues often seem to have no trouble staying motivated, productive and moving forward.

You're not alone!

The truth is, everyone (even them) could benefit from a system for setting and actually achieving their business goals with more confidence and greater momentum...

And that's especially true when you're running your business yourself... because there's no one except YOU to make it happen!

That's why you're ready for ICAN Start.

Led by business mindset coach Deb Erickson, ICAN Start is a self-paced class paired with live weekly coaching that's designed for network marketing professionals just like you.

Thousands of women (and men!) in network marketing have seen amazing results as a result of Deb's coaching, classes and training programs, with many reporting 40% increases in sales and growth in the first month!

Deb’s unparalleled approach helps you quickly discover the mental and emotional roadblocks holding you back in your business, and gives you the tools and techniques to overcome the obstacles to success you’ve probably been struggling with for most of your life.

Envision a future of fulfillment and success with your business!

Through video-based lessons and live weekly coaching, ICAN Start provides the critical tools and techniques to help you overcome procrastination, get more confident with selling and recruiting, and eliminate the unintentional bad habits that are hindering your biggest goals.

Whether you're brand new to network marketing or an established leader, the concepts in ICAN Start will make a massive difference in your sales confidence and business success.

After ICAN Start...

What Will Your Business Look Like?

You Will Be:


Creating and achieving goals that align with your feminine mindset and stretch your comfort zone


Using brain-training tools to free yourself from fear, doubt, and the mental patterns that have sabotaged your success in the past


Launching into each day with increased confidence, focus and momentum toward the activities required for success


Leaving resistance, procrastination, and anxiety behind as you build unstoppable belief


Getting yourself unstuck and moving with purpose toward your rank advancement and production targets


Applying powerful daily practices to help you successfully cross the finish line every time

"So hard to list all the improvements, there have been many.  Most lie within myself:  my confidence, a clearer vision of my goals and how not to get in my own way.  I've been able to share some of this with my team and it has also benefited them greatly.  This class was a huge eye opener into myself, which ultimately is my #1 tool to make my business and my team successful. For that, thanks Deb!"

Alexandra McDonald

Saint John, Canada

"The programs, tools and coaching sessions are the glue that pulls the whole picture of our business together! Deb's coaching and training connect all the dots and make every challenge or fear "figureoutable!"

Stacie Envy Belleau

Columbus, OH

"I needed someone who could help me take my business to the next level, and Deb's classes were exactly what I was looking for. ICAN Start opened my eyes to so many patterns in my life that I didn't even know were there. That realization has allowed me to stop myself before a pattern starts and use one of Deb's amazing Neuro Tools to help me overcome my stumbling blocks. I owe SO much to the ICAN Start class. Each time I listen to one of Deb's sessions, I'm inspired and leave feeling like I can actually do this! I'll keep taking classes over and over and encourage my team to do the same because of how much I've learned and changed."

Kristin Terry

San Antonio, TX

Enroll in ICAN Start and Get INSTANT ACCESS to this Transformational Training!

 ICAN Start is a unique hybrid class that includes powerful self-study “do at your own pace” video lessons to fit your busy schedule, plus weekly live group coaching with Deb where you’ll connect in real time, ask questions, and get inspiration to start your week off right.

Access the video lessons at your own pace and attend live group coaching every Monday morning!

Weekly Live Coaching Session schedule
7:30am Pacific / 10:30am Eastern / 15:30 GMT / 1:30am (next day) AEST

(Recorded versions available within 24 hours)

Class Title and Topic
Module 1:  Introduction and Orientation
Module 2:  Creating Unshakable Confidence in Achieving Your Goals
Module 3:  Brain-Training Tools to Shift your Daily Work Habits
Module 4:  Design Your Action Plan
Module 5:  Ending Self-Sabotage and Fear Forever
Module 6: Getting Laser-focused
Module 7:  Creating Momentum
Module 8:  Expanding your Mental Set Point (Comfort Zone)
Module 9:  Getting Into the Flow

Get a Peek at Deb's Training:

Deb Erickson is a Business Mindset Coach serving women in sales and network marketing. Deb’s revolutionary approach is designed to create business success by merging inner-focused neuro tools with practical, skills-based business training, The result is an empowering transformation that liberates entrepreneurial women from mental ruts, emotional fears and perceived limitations, allowing their businesses to enjoy unprecedented growth. Read More...

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