Create momentum, launch new goals, and grow your business with the power of a confident start!

A Live Interactive Class Designed For Women in Sales and Network Marketing

It’s time to do things differently.

While you have big dreams for your business, missing your goals each month may leave you feeling disappointed and doubtful about your potential in this industry.

You start each task thinking that this time it’s going to magically be different...

Then, like we all sometimes do, you fall back to procrastination, limiting beliefs, and unintentional bad habits, and find that you're behind before you’ve even begun.

There it is again – frustration, self-doubt, worry, and a lack of confidence.

If you're ready to break this frustrating cycle, ICAN Start is the class for you.

In ICAN Start, you will:


Create goals and strategies that align with your feminine mindset and stretch your comfort zone, so you can achieve them with greater ease


Learn brain-training tools to free yourself from fear, doubt, and mental patterns that have sabotaged your success in the past


Begin each day with increased confidence, focus and momentum toward the activities required for success


Leave resistance, procrastination, and anxiety behind while you build unstoppable belief


Get unstuck and moving forward again toward your rank advancement and production targets


Develop powerful daily practices to help you successfully cross the finish line every time

The Confidence to Succeed is Within You

My favorite neuro tool this week is Power Breathing! It is a fabulous way to start my morning and I love the focus and energy it gives me to start my day!

Daniel Kirkland

Company : Corpus Christi, TX

I have never had a more inspiring class than ICAN Start. I really look forward to bringing powerful leadership skills to my team and increasing my own knowledge. I can't wait!

Wendy Martens

Company : Colorado Springs, CO

“Deb Erickson’s ICAN Start changed everything for me. Last year I mastered the tools, using them every single day all year long. Our unit finished the best year of my 40 year career finishing in the Top 3 of the Diamond Seminar. I can’t thank you enough Deb, these tools are priceless.”

Tawnya Krempges

Company : Edmond, OK

“Love, love, love this class. What a way to start the year. I can’t remember ever feeling this confident about achieving my goals.”

Leah Dade

Company : Plainfield, NJ

All of the 1-hour live classes are recorded and available on your account upon registration.

Week Title
Pre-Course Introduction and Orientation
Week 1 Creating the Unshakable Confidence in Achieving Your Goals
Week 2 Brain-Training Tools to Shift your Daily Work Habits
Week 3 Design Your Action Plan
Week 4 Ending Self-Sabotage and Fear Forever
Week 5 Getting Laser Focus
Week 6 Creating Momentum
Week 7 Expanding your Mental Set Point (Comfort Zone)
Week 8 Getting Into the Flow

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Deb Erickson is a Business Mindset Coach serving women in sales and network marketing. Deb’s revolutionary approach is designed to create business success from the inside out: merging inner neuro tools with outer skill-based business training, liberating women from mental ruts, emotional fears and personal limitations resulting in unprecedented growth. Read More...

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