Success Stories

Here’s What Women Like You Are Saying:


“I have learned so much in such a short time from working with Deb. My mind and my heart are now back in the game. Sure, our unit already had a stellar track record and had reached amazing heights, but who knows what might have happened had I met Deb earlier in my career. I am now achieving more with less effort. I have learned to appreciate my history, maximize the present, and embrace my future! No matter what, it’s never too late to transform your business.”

Jill Beckstedt

Land O' Lakes, FL

“It’s like Miracle Gro® for your mind”

“I first encountered Deb via my mentor who was walking us through Deb’s book. It was such a game changer for me that I knew I needed to experience more of her. Staying plugged in to Deb has made a huge difference in how I live my life and work my business. I just wish I had discovered her sooner!”

Terri Maverick

Austin, TX

“I absolutely love working with Deb Erickson as my mentor and coach.”

“Deb’s programs have completely changed my life…for the better. I am forever grateful for Deb Erickson and her ICAN Institute training calls to not only help me discover the gifts and talents I already have, but to teach me the tools to use those gifts and talents to create the life I’ve dreamed of. After attending her workshops and participating in her calls, not only am I changed, but I am now empowered to pass that on and am helping other women change, too. What a great world we are creating!”

Kathy Steinman

Sterling, VA

“My team is finally growing again!”

“ICAN Coach has made me a more confident, driven leader. I have renewed faith in myself as a coach and have strengthened my focus, allowing me to help 25 new women launch their businesses in just 6 short months.”

Toya Drew

Cypress, TX

“I have learned how to trust my own intuition”

“I was a leader who was stuck, frustrated that my business had hit a plateau I couldn’t seem to break through.  Through Deb’s programs, I have learned to release the past and embrace my inner greatness. The results have been truly amazing. I have increased my recruiting by over 50% and my team is finally growing again.”

Becky Davies

Peoria, IL

“Every time I login I find THE perfect class”

“I think the greatest change in the last 6 months has been how I approach my business – as a leader. I used to look to outside sources for ideas or to confirm what I was thinking. I have learned how to trust my own intuition. And I have a community of brilliant, non-judgmental women around me – it helped me learn to take risks. In summary, the program has helped me fall back in love with my business.”

Christine DeGrammont

Lakevile, MN

“Your program has been a complete game changer for me. I’ve experienced an absolute transformation.”

“Deb you have really OUTDONE yourself with this Success Center. This is exactly what I needed to support my team’s growth and development. Having a place to plug in my new, as well as seasoned, consultants has been a huge benefit because the tools you teach in this learning platform are helping my people master the inner game of success. I can finally identify my top 20% very quickly so I know exactly where to invest my time. What an incredible team-building tool.”

Corrin Cresci

Modesto, CA

“I can’t believe the difference!”

“Before Deb, I felt frustrated and stuck. I had lost my passion and my way. After using the neuro tools in ICAN Mind, I feel like a new woman. I wake up feeling peaceful, confident, and ready to step into my calling. These tools are priceless.”

Margaret Leonelli

Fallbrook, CA

“I have had amazing things happen since I began working with Deb Erickson. I love my life and am actually accomplishing my business goals. I used Deb’s Goal Setting Session and Laser Coaching Q-Card and saw huge changes with those consultants who have been stuck for so long. That is priceless! Thank you so much, Deb!”

Linda Bettendorf

Foley, MN

“Deb’s neuro smarts have made the greatest contribution to my business growth and personal evolution”

“Wow, in just 6 short months in ICAN Coach, my business experienced a 500% increase over the previous year. I had the opportunity to really see the real me, learned to love myself more, and became better equipped to mentor and coach my team. Not only has this program had a positive outcome in my business but I am also a better mother and a better me.”

Debbee Jeter

Princeton, NJ

“business is fun again!”

“After working with Deb, I feel so much more confident, as does my team!  I have completely reinvented my recruiting identity and know just how to find the perfect business partner. I am excited to recruit and coach my team to higher and higher levels of success. Simply put, business is fun again!”

Sheryl Scott

Boise, ID

“You gave me tools for each area that I can easily use for both inner and outer needs”

“I’ve been in the direct selling industry for 32 years and I’ve had incredible success. However, it wasn’t until I started working with Deb that I discovered how to identify my ideal customer, and more importantly, how to talk to her. I have become more magnetic, attracting the caliber of women I’ve always wanted to work with. My business is growing faster than ever before. I love Deb and I love her approach.”

Julie Danskin

Woodbury, MN

“These tools are priceless!”

“Since beginning the ICAN Recruit program, my recruiting has been transformed. I shifted my inner game, and attracted 5 extraordinary leaders in the last few months who have significantly impacted the growth of my entire team. I can’t believe the difference a simple class can make.”

Patti Maxwell

San Jose, CA

“Deb’s calls set the tone for my day. I don’t know how I survived without her.”

“After taking Deb Erickson’s ICAN Recruit class, I broke through my resistance to sharing and booking. I embraced the feminine mindset of recruiting and set a new personal record for the highest paycheck yet. I’ve had an increase in sales of over 13% in just 2 months by following Deb’s simple recruiting technique.”

Peggy Young

Lorton, VA

“You keep amazing me, Deb”

“For years I have held myself back and played small. Oh, I’d reached the highest levels of success in my company and made millions, but I knew I wasn’t living my greatness. What I learned in ICAN Mind has been a game changer. I have identified the thoughts and actions that caused me to hold back. After 33 years in this business I thought I had learned it all, but Deb taught me to play full out, embrace my inner genius, and the difference in my business is priceless.”

Tracy Potter

Layton, UT

“These Monday Mastery calls are priceless! I can’t imagine starting my week off any other way.”

“I have been in Deb’s programs for over a year and have experienced incredible personal and business growth. Choice-Point mapping is the icing on the cake. It is so simple, yet so powerful. I used it the first night and completely shifted myself out of fear and into action on things I had been avoiding for months. This is the tool I’ve been looking for. You keep amazing me, Deb.”

Leah Dade

Newark, NJ

“As I think back on this past year and the decision I was wrestling with on whether or not I should be a part of your ICAN Lead program, I am in infinite gratitude. Your program has been a complete game changer for me and I have experienced an absolute transformation. I am so EXTREMELY grateful for you and your willingness to play full out and say “yes!” to who you were created to be, as you taught me to do the same. My business is forever changed.”

Kristin McMahon

Fort Collins, CO

“I feel so empowered”

“If you are hungry to unlock the greatness you KNOW is inside you and are tired of spinning your wheels, then you MUST meet Deb Erickson. Her programs are like Miracle Grow for your mind! She is that coach who comes ALONGSIDE YOU and supports you as you grow. I’ve attended hundreds of events, and been a part of dozens of programs, and I can tell you that PARTNERING with Deb & her programs is THE BEST investment I’ve ever made. I believe it’s PRICELESS!”

Pam Kelly

Denver, CO

“I appreciate how Deb continues to learn, then trains us on new tools to help our progress”

“I’d experienced business coaching before, but felt I needed someone to challenge me in a completely different way. Then I met Deb Erickson, and it was clear – her coaching and core business classes were exactly what I was looking for! Deb and her team taught me to locate and reprogram the business blocks that were keeping me from making it to the top. I had been working on my goal of hitting diamond for 5 ½ years and had been stuck at the rank of Platinum, but with Deb’s help, I hit diamond in only 5 short months! Now I know that ANYTHING is truly possible.”

Angela Melton

Bernalillo, NM

“I’ve had an increase in sales of over 13% in just 2 months”

“I have spent thousands of dollars over the last 24 years trying to grow into the leader I wanted to be. Deb has been the “game changer” because her approach is contrary to the cookie cutter methods I have tried before. She taught me that the change I was looking for was an inside job FIRST. Now, I’m getting extraordinary results in my sales and recruiting from my entire unit.”

Donica Sally

Midlothian, VA

“I learned how to shift my destructive patterns”

“Even though I had hit the million dollar sales mark multiple times in my career, I still felt unfocused and insecure of who I was and where I fit into my organization. All that has changed since joining ICAN Lead. Now, I can say without a doubt that I know exactly who I am and what I want. I have experienced a complete shift in my focus and the results are mind blowing. I am finally attracting the exact women I have been looking for my entire career.”

Stacy Foust

Gilbert, AZ

“My business is exploding!”

“In my 20-year career, I’ve never encountered anyone with a level of expertise in business and personal development training like Deb Erickson. Deb’s masterful, results-oriented insights and neuro smarts have made the greatest contribution to my business growth and personal evolution.”

Valerie White-Burger

Potosi, WI

“This is exactly what I needed to support my team’s growth and development”

“Before working with Deb, I was totally unaware how random my thought choices were. Through ICAN Mind, I learned how to identify critical choice points and shift my destructive patterns. I feel an internal freedom and power that is transforming how I approach my business. I can’t believe how fast I have changed my mindset and my business.”

Catherine Abbott

Kenmore, WA

“My business is growing faster than ever before!”

“Deb Erickson, your coaching is amazing! I’ve been in your space many years, and have gained so much. We just finished our 8th Cadillac, but this time I did it in flow!”

Molly Oberlin-Williamson

West Plains, MO