Hear amazing success stories from our members who have learned to uplevel their mindset, increase sales, rank advance, and grow their direct selling businesses with ease and grace by using Neuro Tools and the ICAN Neuro System.

ICAN Neuro Tools are priceless!

“Deb Erickson’s Business Mindset Classes changed everything for me. Last year I mastered the ICAN Neuro Tools inside my Mindset Membership. I used them every single day – all year long. Our unit finished the best year of my 40 year career finishing in the Top 3 of my company. I can’t thank you enough Deb, these tools are priceless.”

Tawnya Krempges

This Stuff Works!

“Since using Deb’s ICAN Neuro Tools over the last 12 months, my average monthly company sales have tripled and my personal sales and sponsoring averages have doubled. More importantly, I’ve learned how to embrace the type of leader I want to be and deepened the relationships with my team. This stuff works!”

Ky Lauren

“I totally went into ‘the mode’ and texted 50 people and sold 6 kits! It’s AMAZING! I have just totally turned a corner. I have to continue this program because I KNOW it’s WORKING!

Belinda Martinez

Having “Deb in my Head” is what got me through.

“It has been a crazy and scary few months for me. I had no idea how critical and indispensable your ICAN Neuro Tools would become for me, my team and my business. I was able to thrive and actually see my business increase during my 28 days of quarantine. Having “Deb in my head” was what got me through the days. Your tools gave me courage, energy and quite frankly the ability to get up and push through the fog and uncertainty, to stay focused on my business. I am living in more abundance, hope and joy than I could possibly have imagined. Please share these words with anyone who will listen. The world needs you and these tools.”

Victoria Plekenpol

Lisa Wyland
I called 4 people on my CHICKEN list and signed up a new distributor. I’m blown away.

“I love listening to my favorite ICAN Neuro Tools each morning. In the short time I have been using them, I’ve called 4 people on my CHICKEN list and signed up a new distributor who then signed up a new distributor and 3 new customers. I am totally blown away by how confident I feel. I am incredibly grateful. These tools not only helped me with my team, but my children too – WOW! It feels incredible..”

Lisa laht Wyland
It works! I sponsored 4 people this weekend!

“I’m so excited and beside myself! Sponsoring has always been my weakness. I have really been practicing and using Deb’s ICAN Neuro Tools multiple times a day to help me move past my fear. It works! I sponsored 4 people this weekend!”

Vickey Foster


“I’m so glad I found this. It has made a huge difference in everything that I do. I am enjoying the journey.

Rick Langenhelm

ICAN Neuro Tools are the “Missing Link.”

“I have been using the ICAN Neuro Tools in my Gold Coaching Membership consistently and I am thrilled to say that I HAVE CHANGED! My business is going gangbusters and I am so much happier. This is the missing link. Everyone needs to work with Deb and use these tools.”

Nancy Bolen Serba


With these ICAN Neuro Tools, I have consistently surpassed my all time best months ever…

“In the last 10 months working with Deb and her ICAN Neuro Tools, I have consistently surpassed my all time best months ever in both sponsoring and sales over and over and over again. Watching my team members’ paychecks grow has been the most exciting part. Thanks Deb, for giving me the tools I need to grow myself and others.”

Jennifer Zucker

I can’t get enough! #whydidiwaitsolong?

I silenced my fear, used my Neuro Tools and put myself in action today. made 25 contacts and booked 7 new parties. I so love what I’m learning… I can’t get enough! #whydidiwaitsolong?”

Yvette Alexander

Even in the middle of this pandemic!

“My business has grown more in the past 2 weeks than it EVER has before, even in the middle of this pandemic! ALL OF THIS is due to the thoughts that I’m thinking and the energy that I’m now embodying, and it’s ICAN Rank Advance and the Neuro Tools that got me here. It’ll get YOU there too!”

Natalie Carson

Tori Poulter - Younique
Major breakthroughs in their business

“We have worked with Deb Erickson for over two years, welcoming her back over and over again to our leadership stages around the world. She has delivered transformational keynotes, long-term mindset classes and customized training for our on-demand training platform. Presenters who worked with ICAN Institute have reported “major breakthroughs” in their business and our own internal audit of their performance confirms these claims. The ICAN Institute has been a significant contributor to the success of our leaders.”

Tori Poulter

Every woman in Network Marketing needs this…

“There’s not another business mindset expert like Deb anywhere in our industry. The ICAN Institute has the training that every woman in Network Marketing needs, no matter what you have achieved. Let’s be honest… we all have mental blocks and Deb is the only person I know who can help anyone overcome them. I have over 250,000 women in my downline and the ones who are really moving have taken The ICAN Institute’s training. If you want to help your team move past whatever is holding them back, you just have to work with The ICAN Institute.”

Bri Richardson
Million Dollar Hall of Fame Member

With this training, I was able to do in 7 months what I hadn’t been able to do in 30 years by myself!

The ICAN Institute’s programs are the most revolutionary training I have experienced in 30+ years in the Direct Selling Industry. The ICAN Institute’s mindset training and Neuro Tools are unequalled. They’ve helped [me] break through the plateau that had stalled my business and done in 7 months what I hadn’t been able to do on my own in 30 years.”

Kim McClure
National Sales Director, Million Dollar Earner

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