EP23: More Than Pretty Lipstick: Authenticity and Success In the Beauty Industry With Tori Poulter

Network Marketing Mindset Podcast Episode 23

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I’m going to say something that might surprise you: sometimes a GREAT speaker isn’t always a GENUINE speaker. And yet, one of the most successful executives I’ve ever heard speak was able to blow me away from the stage with her ability to be both present AND inspirational at the same time. I knew then that this Head of Field Sales for one of the largest beauty companies out there was my kinda gal—and someone who shared my passion for changing the lives of women across the world. You don’t want to miss this interview with sales and beauty expert Tori Poulter.

On today’s podcast episode, you’ll discover…

  • Why Tori had to step back and dig deep to find out what made her tick to truly find her calling in life (and how that will help you do the same).
  • The reason you have to show up as a 9 or 10 in Network Marketing to see success (instead of a 7 or 8 as an employee).
  • How showing emotion, not living in fear, and caring more about the paycheck of others will make you a greater leader.
  • Tori’s experience (and something I’ve been saying FOREVER) about the crucial differences between men and women (hint: women don’t focus on the same thing men do—and it shows! Say HELLO to the need for mindset tools).
  • The practical advice everyone should follow to become the person they want to be.

I have no doubt that you’ll feel Tori’s authenticity and genuine humbleness the moment you hear her speak—and the power behind it that has led to a 25+ year career in the beauty industry, helping to pull out the best in others from the inside out. Tune in today to find out how knowing in your bones what you want—and embracing your unique value to others—are the cornerstones for building the foundation of an unstoppable empire.

Tori’s Bio:

Creating beauty is Tori’s passion—including inner beauty, pulling out the best in others, and helping them understand that they have value. Ironically, that can be a challenge in the beauty industry, and it was this personal mission that brought Tori to Younique in September 2015. She has spent more than 25 years in the beauty industry, specifically working in training and sales with a number of national brands and sales channels.

Prior to Younique, she worked for L’Oréal for more than a decade, most recently serving as vice president of sales for one of their brands. Tori says her greatest accomplishment in life is being a mother of four amazing children.

Deb Erickson

Deb Erickson

Deb Erickson is a Master Neuro Trainer, creator of the ICAN Neuro System, and founder of The ICAN Institute, helping direct sales entrepreneurs break their mental and emotional limiters and shift into consistent action and growth. Besides studying the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience, and creating fresh new tools and content, Deb’s joys include being a mom to two precious fur babies, traveling to beautiful beaches around the world, and enjoying a well crafted latte on her back porch.


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