EP24: Harnessing the Power of a Positive Mindset & Defining Your WHY with Crystal Archie

Network Marketing Mindset Podcast Episode 24

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Ever meet someone you could hear their smile in their voice? Someone who leads with passion and has an unstoppable zest for life? That’s my guest today—and she is a walking breath of fresh air who uses the same positive mindset behaviors I coach about every day, to achieve her very own big, bold dreams. We’re talking AFRICA BIG.

Friends, meet my guest, Crystal Archie.

As a former NFL wife and mother to six kids, Crystal never dreamed in a thousand years where life would lead her. Following the end of her husband’s career—and declining bank balances—Crystal was tired of being sick and tired. Tossing caution to the wind, Crystal leveraged her intimate network of “self-proclaimed bougie friends”, family members, and former NFL wives and rebuilt her empire from the ground up.

In the midst of adversity, Crystal became unstoppable!

On today’s podcast episode of
The Network Marketing Mindset Podcast, you’ll discover…

  • How hosting a failed launch party forced Crystal to expand outside her comfort zone—immediately—and why she now commits to meeting new people EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
  • The “stinkin’ thinkin’’ that got in her way… and how she motivated herself out of her own way with personal development.
  • Why Deb says your CORE BELIEFS create YOUR THOUGHTS that shape YOUR ACTIONS. Are you moving into or away from action?
  • Why saying “I’m going to try…” means you’ve already failed.
  • How “I AM” statements, sticky notes, and writing down your WHY will fill up your cup, so you can fill up others, too.
  • The shift Crystal saw in her business when she stopped focusing on her goals and started asking others what THEY NEEDED from her.

Join Crystal Archie and myself as we dive into the world of daily affirmations, goal-setting, and defining “the WHY that makes you cry” for unlimited growth and success. You’ll love her rags to riches, to rags to riches story as Crystal uses past experiences and the hiccups in life to fuel her drive to be better each day.

As I always say, there are three keys to success: skills, strategy, and mindset. If your mindset gets in the way of using your skills or creating an effective strategy, your business isn’t going ANYWHERE—and Crystal is a shining example of how to leverage all three. 


Deb Erickson

Deb Erickson

Deb Erickson is a Master Neuro Trainer, creator of the ICAN Neuro System, and founder of The ICAN Institute, helping direct sales entrepreneurs break their mental and emotional limiters and shift into consistent action and growth. Besides studying the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience, and creating fresh new tools and content, Deb’s joys include being a mom to two precious fur babies, traveling to beautiful beaches around the world, and enjoying a well crafted latte on her back porch.


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