Inspirational Treasure Deck

Inspirational Treasure Deck

A collection of 44 cards allows you to treat yourself to powerful affirmations, daily intentions, and inspirational thoughts. The cards are the perfect complement to the Alpha Transformational Systems CDs to increase focus and energy. Use these collectible cards every day to set your intention and affirm your greatness.

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Contents: 1 treasure trove box with 44 affirmation cards.

Dimensions: 3¼" tall x 5¾" wide x 3½" deep.

Instructions: Use these collectible cards everyday to set your intention and affirm your greatness. Feel free to choose a selection process that resonates with you. Here are some possibilities:

  • Shuffle the cards and use your intuition to select the card that is perfect for your day or challenge.
  • Shuffle the cards once and take the top card off the deck each day.
  • Focus on a category and select a card based on its color. (The cards come in 5 colors that represent Deb Erickson's Transformational Alpha Affirmations.)