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5 key strategies that will get you permanently UNSTUCK and into business building action – with ease!

The Stuck to Unstoppable challenge is 5 days of totally free training for Direct Sellers and Network Marketers, with easy access in a private Facebook group, right where you need it.

Network Marketing Team
Network Marketing Team

This challenge is for you if…

People will tell you that you’ve chosen a “hard” profession – or worse, that it’s not a profession at all, but a hobby. 

You and I know that is simply not true. 

Let me ask you this…

What would it feel like to gracefully build a team, instead of pulling, pushing, begging, and pleading with them? What would it feel like to enroll leaders and customers without worrying what your friends and family will think?

What would it feel like to finally have a successful business – one that feels effortless instead of fearing failure, avoiding risks, and ducking rejection?

It would feel awesome! Right?

If you’re nodding your head “YES!” (you are nodding your head, aren’t you?!), then you’re in the right place.

If you feel like you have tried “everything” and still have people who are stuck, stalled, and barely growing, you may be dealing with mindset blocks – more skill and product training won’t solve that… but a little dose of neuroscience certainly will.

In this 5-day challenge, we’ll give you proven tools that will act as the bridge to close the productivity gap, helping you and your team actually use the sales strategy and system you already have.
No more excuses, just unstoppable, results driven business action.

Ready to dive in?
Joining us is simple: simply click the button below to enroll, then share this page with your team so that you can all benefit!

We promise that this free 5-day challenge will give you the answers to why you’re stuck and give you the mindset tools to become unstoppable in your business. 

All you need to do is spend just 15 min a day with us inside our private Facebook group to discover the keys to ease into income actions that drive real results – more sales, confident recruiting, and consistent growth. 

HINT: It’s NOT that Network Marketing is too hard for you. It’s that you have MAXED out your current MINDSET. It’s Time for a mindset reboot – upgrade to an unstoppable mindset and you up-level your results. 

Meet Deb Erickson…

Deb has been in the Direct Sales and Network Marketing industry for over 25 years, reaching top level leadership in 2 different companies. Frustrated with watching people fail that should have succeeded, she knew there had to be a better way.

With a degree in Education, graduate studies in Psychology and Neuroscience, and practical experience in coaching and training, she created The ICAN Institute, and with neuroscience-based tools to retrain the brain’s limits and build confidence – she’s helping those who are STUCK become UNSTOPPABLE!

⚠️ WARNING! ⚠️

This is not your mama’s mindset training.
We use tools and techniques based in neuroscience – and this challenge is all about building better, more effective habits.

As a result of this challenge you will..

…and so much more.

Each day, we’re premiering a brand new, LIVE, 15-minute training inside a private Facebook group to to answer the questions everyone is asking and give you the skills and Neuro Tools you need to be the leader that you’ve always wanted to be.

You won’t find training like this anywhere else, don’t miss out!

Here’s your roadmap to success:

Day 1

Getting You and Your Team Unstuck

“I know what I need to do but I’m just not doing it. Sales are slow, recruiting is flat, and I haven’t advanced in rank longer than I want to admit. How will I ever become unstoppable when my team is stuck?”

Day 2

How to Motivate Your Team, Even if YOU Struggle to Stay Motivated

“I don’t want to be that pushy salesperson or leader, but I don’t know any other way to get them to do the work.”

Day 3

Move Past Fears, Self-Doubts, and Feelings of Unworthiness (And Help Your Team Do It Too)

“I know it’s stopping me from approaching high-quality prospects, but I don’t know how to get past it.”

Day 4

Help Your Team Find Their Core Why

“I try so hard to help them find their passion – but most of the time it feels like I’m just dragging them through another company challenge.”

Day 5

Finding and Recruiting People Who Will Show Up and Do the Work With You

“I have huge dreams – I want to be recognized on stage, qualify for my company’s trips, rank advance with more ease, and build a powerful team.”

Calling all leaders!

Are you a network marketing leader who is tired of pushing and pulling their team?

This training will give you critical insights into what your team needs to break free from hesitation and fear of rejection and into unstoppable confidence, and how you can help them do it!

It’s all inside this 5-day challenge – get started today.

Deb has a way of connecting with my team, helping them change their business and their lives.

“Deb’s training is invaluable. She has a way of connecting with people, building trust, and helping them see the patterns of subconscious thought that have shaped their lives, but may no longer be serving them. By diving into these past behaviors, my team has been able to make ground breaking shifts that have changed their business and their lives.”

Hayley Hobson
Double Presidential Diamond, dōTERRA

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Let's do this...

Register now for FREE for the 5-Day Stuck to Unstoppable Challenge. Get started today with daily videos, goals, and inspiration to motivate you and your entire team into profitable action!

Let's do this...

Register now for FREE for the 5-Day Stuck to Unstoppable Challenge. We get started June 7th with daily videos, goals, and inspiration to motivate you and your entire team into profitable action!

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