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At The ICAN Institute, we deliver the missing link in traditional Network Marketing and Direct Sales training programs with our one-of-a-kind ICAN Neuro System. Our proprietary system, based in proven neuroscience, gets to the heart of the mindset challenges that prevent your sales force from taking the income- producing actions necessary to reach out to new prospects, rank up, and step into leadership.

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Corporate Partnerships

Work with us to maximize the investments you’ve already made in skill, leadership, and product training. Our ICAN Neuro System works side by side with the training programs you already have in place to increase their effectiveness tenfold. We activate your field by giving them skills and tools to identify and manage the mindset blocks that prevent them from delivering consistent, effective income producing action to drive the business forward.

Training for Leaders & Distributors

With an ICAN Membership you will gain the tools and support to move to the next level in your business, no matter how long you’ve been working for it. As a member you will enjoy unlimited access to our complete ICAN Neuro System. Our system offers you neuroscience-focused business mindset classes, live sessions, transformational ICAN Neuro Tools, and a supportive, inclusive community to keep you on track.

Tori Poulter - Younique

“We have worked with Deb Erickson for over two years, welcoming her back over and over again to our leadership stages around the world. She has delivered transformational  keynotes, long-term mindset classes and customized training for our Younique University on-demand training platform. Presenters who worked with Deb have reported “major breakthroughs” in their business and our own internal audit of their performance confirms these claims. She has been a significant contributor to the success of many of our leaders.”

Tori Poulter

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Don’t expect a bunch of WOO WOO words with little to back it up. Deb brings proven Neuro Tools, actionable ideas, breakthrough next steps, and life-driven experience to not just inspire—but to MOVE your audience into selling and recruiting

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Looking for higher field engagement and retention? Ready to elevate rank advancements, recruiting rates, and incentive achievements? Get a quick overview of what The ICAN Institute can do for your direct sales based corporation or team.

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How did 758 women double their sales and reach four times their recruiting numbers in just twelve months? Learn the power of ICAN Neuro Tools in this informative case study.

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deb erickson

Deb has worn a lot of hats in her 25+ years in the Network Marketing and Direct Sales industry as a top-ranked leader, in-demand author, neuro trainer, corporate consultant, and keynote speaker, but her favorite is providing expert insight and transformational business mindset resources for entrepreneurs ready to move past their personal mental blocks and self-sabotage to become selling and recruiting superstars.

Deb Erickson Neuro Trainer

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